Research present that pasta is likely one of the meals we most frequently flip to during stressful times. Wealthy in starch, pasta fills you up and is simple to organize. Plus, in case you go for wholemeal pasta, it offers loads of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Meals author Rachel Roddy, writer of An A to Z of Pasta, says pasta mista e patate – a soup-like mixture of combined pasta and potatoes – ranks among the many most comforting of all. Roddy explains that the dish delivers the identical degree of consolation as pulling on a pair of woolly socks – one thing that on a chilly, January day is an interesting thought.

There’s additionally consolation in pasta’s versatility, particularly when cooking on a finances. It marries with nearly any ingredient, from easy breadcrumbs fried in olive oil, tinned sardines, roast vegetables via to extra time consuming ragù sauces.

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