Roman copy of the Greek bronze sculpture of Aristotle. Credit score: Public domain

According to Aristotle, the world was based mostly on 5 components — earth, fireplace, water, air, and ether. Culinary professor Giorgos Palisidis has now created what he calls the “Aristotelian menu,” based mostly on meals and components from northern Greece, the birthplace of the good thinker.

The recipes Palisidis makes at this time are based mostly on archaeological findings concerning the components historical Greeks used within the kitchen. The dishes additionally mix components from Chalkidiki, where the professor hails from. Using particular fruits, herbs, wines, honey, and different such components was widespread on the time of Aristotle.

The menu of Aristotle

The culinary professor aimed to convey the weight-reduction plan of the ancients to at this time’s desk, primarily as foundation for a nutritious diet.

Over the previous three years, ten inns and 7 eating places within the scenic Chalkidiki space have been serving the Aristotelian Menu.

“Within the 4 components of Empedocles’ concept — earth, water, fireplace and air, Aristotle added the ether, the fifth aspect, to explain the unborn, indestructible, unalterable, that which mixes multi functional substance,” Palisidis instructed the Athens-Macedonian Information Company.

“On the similar time, the references of the good Greek thinker to the fundamental tastes of salty, bitter, candy and bitter had been accompanied by suggestions for combining at the very least two of them at a time, aiming on the fruits of the style, an explosive expertise.

“This expertise was later decided by the Japanese with the phrase ‘umami’ (which might be translated as ‘nice scrumptious taste’) to explain an depth of taste much like that present in meals similar to beef, saffron, yolk, cardamon, lamb, mushroom, and truffles,” Palisidis continued.

The professor stated that the unique concept for the Aristotelian Menu got here to him in 2016, the yr Aristotle was celebrated.

The emphasis within the new weight-reduction plan was given to the fifth aspect, ether. In collaboration with the Chalkidiki Resort Affiliation, visitors had been invited to benefit from the 4 components of nature (fireplace, by native gastronomy; air, by visits to locations with a good looking view; water, by seafood; and land, by wine, tsipouro, and olive oil).

5 components; the key of the traditional Greek thinker’s weight-reduction plan

The subsequent step was to find the fifth aspect, the thriller that every customer is invited to find from his go to to Historical Stageira, the birthplace of the thinker and Aristotle Park.

Palisidis introduced a mannequin menu to use the philosophy of Aristotle to the eating expertise. The aim was to impress an expertise by tasting dishes and merchandise from the place the place the good thinker was born.

On this foundation, the dinner desk options 5 clay jars, as a substitute of dishes, as the traditional Greeks cooked in clay pots.

Every of the weather of nature, as described by Aristotle, was represented by primary components. For instance, the air was represented by a hen; land with the wine produced by the winery; water by seawater; fireplace with the aspect that cooks the seafood, and ether with a taste ensuing from sun-dried fruits, honey, herbs, wine, and pezyme.

The corresponding dishes, served in eating places in Chalkidiki, have attracted a large amount of curiosity by guests. The house owners of inns and eating places have welcomed the Aristotelian menu with enthusiasm as they’re straightforward to organize and incorporate native, recent components attribute of the area.

“The Aristotelian Menu is a perfect dietary proposition for anybody because it combines the traits of the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan — meals wealthy in fiber, probiotics, antioxidants and hint components, meals consumed uncooked like olives, and ease of preparation, because it doesn’t require advanced types of cooking,” Palisidis states.

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