Questioning what this seems like in follow? Let’s say you are sitting down for a home-cooked meal, and you’ve got a wholesome serving of salmon, spinach, and brown rice, with a slice of cake for dessert (we extremely recommend one in every of these Mediterranean diet-inspired sweet treats). In line with Inchauspe’s principle, you may need to eat the spinach first, then the salmon, then the rice, and end it off with dessert. 

When you’re at a restaurant, alternatively, Inchauspe recommends one other blood sugar hack: Don’t eat the complimentary bread earlier than consuming a meal. “Individuals [who] eat the bread on an empty abdomen create a giant glucose spike,” she explains. “So by the point they’ve completed their important course, they’re smack in the course of a large glucose crash, they usually really feel actually hungry, they usually have cravings.” That is to not say it’s essential to skip the bread basket altogether—when you wait to have it alongside your protein, fat, and greens, you may have a a lot steadier glucose response. 

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