Wish to begin consuming like a Greek? Listed here are some concepts about the place to start out when planning your menu. Notice that we don’t give portion sizes. That is one food regimen the place calorie counting will not be anticipated. What your physique wants shall be totally different from the subsequent particular person.

Additionally, with the assistance of Berman and Paravantes-Hargitt, we’ll present you the right way to transfer towards a extra Mediterranean-style of consuming — relatively than doing a complete overhaul — that can match together with your way of life:

Day 1

Breakfast Espresso or tea with a bowl of oatmeal topped with berries

Snack Handful of almonds or walnuts

Lunch Half of a turkey sandwich made with whole-grain bread and a cup of lentil soup

Snack Sliced carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers dipped in hummus

Dinner Veggie and white bean stew

Day 2

Breakfast Espresso or tea with plain Greek yogurt topped with a drizzle of honey and walnuts

Snack Roasted chickpeas

Lunch Leftover veggie and bean stew from yesterday’s dinner

Snack A peach (or apple, relying on the season)

Dinner Roasted hen served with pita bread, tzatziki (a yogurt-based sauce), and a facet salad

Day 3

Breakfast Smoothie made with the milk of your alternative, fruit, and nut butter

Snack ¼ an avocado mashed with lemon juice and salt on prime of whole-grain crackers

Lunch Three-bean soup topped with a dollop of pesto and served with a whole-grain roll

Snack Package deal of olives and recent veggies

Dinner Salmon with farro and roasted zucchini and eggplant

Day 4

Breakfast Espresso or tea and toasted whole-grain bread, sliced cheese, and strawberries

Snack Pistachios

Lunch Lentil-based salad with feta, roasted purple peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives

Snack Greek yogurt with recent fruit

Dinner Grilled shrimp served with sautéed kale and polenta

Day 5

Breakfast Espresso or tea and a breakfast bowl of leftover farro (from dinner on day 3) topped with a poached egg and some slices of avocado

Snack Dried apricots and walnuts

Lunch Quinoa, bean, and veggie salad served with a slice of whole-grain bread

Snack Complete-grain crackers and black bean dip

Dinner Marinated, grilled hen skewers served with bulgur wheat and a cucumber and purple onion salad

Day 6

Breakfast Espresso or tea and smoked salmon, capers, and tomato slices

Snack In-season fruit (resembling a peach or two apricots in summer time; a pear in winter)

Lunch Mediterranean bean salad and whole-grain crackers

Snack Piece of cheese and olives

Dinner Moroccan lamb stew with couscous

Day 7

Breakfast Espresso or tea and Greek yogurt with sunflower seeds and raspberries

Snack Sliced orange and pistachios

Lunch A bit of whole-grain bread with sliced tomatoes, cheese, and olives

Snack Packaged, flavored lupini beans

Dinner Purple lentil and vegetable stew

Day 8

Breakfast Espresso or tea and two eggs with sautéed greens (spinach or kale), plus an orange

Snack Roasted chickpeas

Lunch Leftover lamb stew from dinner on day 6

Snack Blended nuts with a chunk of dark chocolate

Dinner Baked white fish, roasted potatoes, and zucchini

Day 9

Breakfast Smoothie made with the milk of your alternative, frozen cherries, banana, and cocoa powder

Snack Mini peppers filled with hummus

Lunch Tuna salad made with olive oil, dried herbs, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes served on a mattress of spinach with blended veggies and entire grain crackers

Snack Piece of cheese with a chunk of fruit

Dinner Hearty Tuscan white bean soup with whole-grain bread

Day 10

Breakfast Espresso or tea and a bowl of oatmeal topped with raisins and crushed walnuts, plus a drizzle of honey, if desired

Snack Greek yogurt and a chunk of fruit

Lunch Leftover Tuscan white bean soup from dinner on day 9

Snack Hummus with sliced uncooked veggies like purple peppers, celery, and cucumber

Dinner Garlic lemon hen thighs served with asparagus and Israeli couscous

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