There are just a few alternative ways to thaw shrimp that gives you first rate outcomes. Bon Appétit states that if you’re pressed for time you possibly can thaw frozen shrimp by placing them in a sealed bag in chilly water, and even simply absolutely submerging them in the identical water for about 20 minutes. Whereas each of these strategies will work, the perfect technique is to plan forward and defrost your shrimp within the fridge in a single day. Based on The Spruce Eats, it’s best to do that by taking them out of the bag and putting them in a colander over a bowl. This manner, as they defrost and soften, they drain off and keep away from changing into soaked in their very own juices. 

The explanation this technique is greatest is similar motive it’s best to pat shrimp dry earlier than you cook dinner them: moisture is the enemy of perfectly cooked shrimp. This may appear counterintuitive — shrimp come from the water, in spite of everything, however as Food52 notes, extra moisture extends the time it takes for shrimp to cook dinner and brown. As a result of shrimp are so prone to overcooking, the additional time they want within the pan due to that extra moisture goes to place them one step nearer to being overdone. In actual fact, even shrimp that weren’t frozen can profit from sitting uncovered within the fridge to dry out. 

So, thaw your shrimp proper, and you will be rewarded with probably the most tender, juicy shrimp you’ve got ever made.

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