Foil containers become a really useful merchandise for an air fryer. Count on a rush on them, and foil loaf tins and the like changing into ubiquitous whereas additionally doubtlessly promoting out as soon as everybody who owns an air fryer will get wind of this.

A daily foil loaf tin, 13 cm x 25 cm, was excellent for the portions of this pudding.

You may after all additionally make it in a standard oven, through which it could prepare dinner for longer.


100 g dried ginger slices (they arrive in 100g packets)

⅓ cup hanepoot or different fortified wine

250 ml full cream milk

250 ml cream

1 tsp vanilla essence or extract

3 giant eggs

½ cup golden brown sugar

4 mini croissants

4 Tbsp golden brown sugar

Butter for spreading on the croissants and dotting


Chop the candied ginger (out there at dried fruit retailers similar to Wellington or Montagu) and put it in a small saucepan with the hanepoot or different fortified wine. Carry it to a sluggish simmer and cut back till you might have a sticky however barely runny sauce.

Warmth the milk and cream collectively till simply lower than boiling level, then flip off the warmth. 

Beat the eggs and sugar collectively. 

Add the dairy combination to this a bit at a time whereas stirring. Return the combination to the saucepan and stir on a low warmth till the custard thickens.

Stir within the vanilla essence or extract.

Grease a foil loaf tin or steel one with butter.

Minimize the croissants in half, butter them generously and place them alongside each other within the greased tin.

Spoon half of the candied ginger and their wine essence over, then put them again collectively and place them alongside each other within the foil tin.

Pour the rest of the ginger sauce over.

Pour the custard over evenly.

Dot the highest with butter right here and there.

Sprinkle golden brown sugar excessive.

Preheat the air fryer to 160℃ for five minutes.

Put the tin within the basket and set it to prepare dinner at 160℃ for quarter-hour. Examine, and if not fairly cooked, put it in once more for one more 5 minutes. It’s self-saucing so doesn’t really want the rest, however you possibly can serve it with vanilla ice cream in case you like. DM/TGIFood

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