How can I substitute gluten-free flour in a recipe?

If in case you have your coronary heart set on a recipe however want to change the flour to a gluten-free different, not all gluten-free flour will be substituted one for one. 

“I discover mixing a number of flours creates a fluffier texture than just one gluten-free flour substitute,” says Mandy. “My favorite combo is buckwheat flour, brown rice flour and arrowroot (all measured in equal components). 

“For a grain-free choice, use almond meal and arrowroot 2:1. When utilizing this selection, the ratio of moist elements to dry elements usually must be adjusted.”

Listed below are seven extra gluten-free flour options. 

What’s the finest gluten-free flour substitute?

1. Almond Flour

gluten free almond flour


Almond flour is produced from peeled almonds and has a nutty flavour. Whereas it’s excessive in fats, it’s additionally low in saturated fats, low carbs and excessive protein, says Mandy. 

Whereas almond flour is finest for baking and crumbing, Mandy says, “It’s best to combine with different flours. It really works nicely with arrowroot flour and coconut flour. It’s possible you’ll want to extend the quantity of liquid within the recipe.”

2. Arrowroot

Arrowroot is a white, flavourless powder usually used as a thickener. Mandy says to use ⅓ cup of arrowroot mixed with different flours.

“I like to recommend mixing buckwheat flour, brown rice flour and arrowroot,” she says. “Arrowroot is excessive carbs, excessive protein and low in fibre. Nonetheless, it’s a extra nutritious different to cornstarch or potato flour in recipes.”

3. Buckwheat

gluten free buckwheat flour


Utilizing buckwheat as a gluten-free different to flour can take a while to get used to as a result of it has a really sturdy flavour. 

“I like to recommend utilizing 50% buckwheat flour and including one other flour to stability flavour for individuals not used to it,” says Mandy.

She provides: “It’s finest utilized in biscuits, pancakes, muffins and pastry, and it’s additionally excessive in fibre and potassium. For youngsters, start by changing solely 25% of their common flour to get them used to the flavour.”

4. Coconut flour (grain-free)

gluten free pancakes with coconut four


Coconut flour is low in carbs and excessive in fibre, and accommodates protein and saturated fats, says Mandy.

“Good for baking and thickening with a scrumptious, nutty flavour. You have to improve the liquid; in any other case, it can flip dense.”

5. Quinoa flour

gluten-free quinoa flour


Quinoa flour is a gluten-free powder produced from dried quinoa seeds or quinoa flakes. 

It’s finest for baking and coating. Mandy says: “Exchange 25% of the flour in a recipe till your loved ones is used to the nutty (doubtlessly bitter aftertaste).”

6. Brown rice flour

Brown rice flour is the commonest gluten-free substitute, is available, and is finest for baking and coating.  

“Exchange 1:1 with wheat flour,” says Mandy. She provides: “Brown rice flour is increased in carbs and low in protein, however brown rice flour is increased in fibre than white rice flour and accommodates extra minerals.”

7. Chickpea flour

Chickpea flour is a good gluten-free different to flour and is finest utilized in pasta, muffins and savoury baked items.

Mandy says chickpea flour is “extremely nutritious with a nutty flavour. It may be used alone or mixed with different flour.”

“It’s additionally excessive in fibre and protein – a superb addition to spice up protein and iron, good for vegetarians or vegans to extend total vitamin.”

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