If in case you have even a passing curiosity in meals and an web connection, you will have in all probability heard of tomato feta pasta, four-ingredient bread or 15-hour potatoes. They’re all recipes that went viral on TikTok, then made it into mainstream information feeds.

However there’s much more to #TikTokFood (a hashtag that has garnered TikTok greater than 25 billion views) than recipes. Certainly, a lot of the meals content material on TikTok isn’t full recipes in any respect: it’s what are generally known as hacks.

This pasta dish was a hit on social media, but there’s more to TikTok food than recipes.


This pasta dish was a success on social media, however there’s extra to TikTok meals than recipes.

A meals hack, like its extra generally identified grandparent, the life hack, is a type of shortcut that makes a cumbersome job easier, or lets you skip a number of steps in a prolonged course of. hack makes your life simpler, will increase effectivity with out affecting (and even whereas enhancing) the result, and usually offers you bragging rights.

A hack video is brief, shocking and considerably clickbait-y. TikTok customers, with a mean age of 18 to 24, love them.

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Some hacks, I really feel, are in the end extra about cleverness or trickery than ease. One widespread TikTok egg hack, for instance, encourages customers to poach an egg by lining a bowl with plastic wrap, cracking an egg into the wrap, then – protecting the yolk intact, thoughts you – gathering the perimeters of the plastic, twisting them closed, then dropping the entire thing in simmering water. I can’t see how that’s probably any simpler than cracking an egg straight right into a pan, but it surely does look cuter.

Boiling pasta straight in cream sauce is one other such hack. In keeping with some TikTok customers, it saves time and improves flavour, however you would want to begin with a variety of sauce, which is able to scale back down drastically within the time it takes to prepare dinner the pasta.

That may be a truthful chunk of change going up in smoke (and it’ll change the flavour and texture of the sauce) and, assuming you will have at the least two burners and may prepare dinner pasta and sauce on the identical time, all this “hack” saves is the time it takes you fill a pot with water, then drain it when the pasta is cooked.

Then there are the hacks that aren’t actually hacks in any respect. TikTok customers, for instance, have gone loopy over the tip to pour a little bit olive oil into pasta water to keep away from clumping – one thing Italians have been doing for hundreds of years.

And there are some hacks that simply sound terrible.

I love a pickle and I love a Snickers, but no matter what TikTok says I do not want to try them together.


I really like a pickle and I really like a Snickers, however it doesn’t matter what TikTok says I don’t wish to attempt them collectively.

No thanks, TikTok, I don’t wish to coat my cheese sandwich in mayonnaise earlier than grilling it. Nor do I wish to eat a cereal product of pancakes; a pickle wrapped in bacon or a Snickers bar wrapped in a pickle or, actually, something involving pickles and wrapping.

However there are some TikTok hacks that completely fulfil our hack standards: they make a chore simpler, are themselves easy and ship you one thing tasty.

Listed here are 5 of my favourites.

Coat your cups or spoons earlier than measuring sticky components

Coat your cup with some cooking spray, and that tahini slides right out.


Coat your cup with some cooking spray, and that tahini slides proper out.

An instance of a very nice hack, this one solves a niggly downside sufficiently small that you just in all probability haven’t gone out of your strategy to right it your self, however sufficiently big that you’ll expertise a rush of pleasure whenever you realise it really works, which it actually does.

It’s easy. Your downside right here is that when a baking recipe requires one thing sticky resembling honey or golden syrup, the ingredient sticks to the within of the vessel you employ to measure it. Baking portions must be actual, so that you spend effort and time utilizing a spatula to get the rest out of the cup, then utilizing a knife to scrape extra off the spoon. Annoying, proper?

Effectively, you gained’t be aggravated any extra. This hack directs you to frivolously coat the within of the cup or spoon with some type of oil (I take advantage of spray-on canola) earlier than including the sticky ingredient, permitting it to slip proper out with virtually none left behind.

Strip herbs utilizing a field grater

Hey, pesto! This might be the easiest way ever to strip herbs.


Hey, pesto! This could be the simplest method ever to strip herbs.

You already know whenever you get a handful of contemporary herbs, then spend ages choosing the leaves off the woody stems? This hack turns that right into a 10-second course of. All that you must do is take an abnormal grater, feed the stalks by way of one of many greatest holes (you’ll match fairly a number of by way of one gap), then attain up and pull them out from the within. Hey presto, or perhaps pesto, solely leaves stay.

Use dental floss to chop a cake

If you’re going to try this, go for unwaxed dental floss (or your cake could taste like spearmint).


In the event you’re going to do this, go for unwaxed dental floss (or your cake may style like spearmint).

Sure, you learn that proper. I do know it sounds ridiculous, however when you concentrate on it, it makes excellent sense.

Truffles – significantly the multi-layer, iced confections you would possibly prove for a giant celebration – are difficult to chop cleanly with a knife. They generally tend to take half the icing with them, collapse a cake of sunshine texture, and usually get very messy.

You should purchase fancy contraptions for slicing excellent slices of cake, however many people would use one so not often they don’t seem to be price shopping for.

However you would possibly nicely have the answer to this downside in your toilet cupboard. A size of dental floss a few centimetres longer than the cake on both sides and pulled tightly throughout will do nearly pretty much as good a job, and higher than a knife.

Grate chilly butter

Grating cold butter: a game-changer.


Grating chilly butter: a game-changer.

Butter is a paradox. It must be saved within the fridge to keep away from going rancid, however nearly each time you wish to use butter – for baking, making a sandwich, or spreading on toast – it must be gentle. Which means taking it out of the fridge in time to melt (as all bakers know, attempting to get butter gentle however not melted within the microwave is a fraught enterprise), and that’s one thing all of us neglect to do.

As soon as once more, your grater is useful right here, although you will have the small facet of a field grater or a microplane. It’s then as straightforward as taking a block of chilly butter and grating as a lot as you want. The friction of the motion mixed with the small items of butter make for a wonderfully gentle dairy product. This can be a game-changer.

Take away wayward eggshell

TikTok is obsessive about egg hacks: methods to boil them, methods to separate them, anxiety-inducing methods to peel them – egg hacks take up a disproportionate quantity of area on meals TikTok, so I really feel I need to embody one.

The hack I’ve chosen is the only on this listing. It’s, maybe, one of many easiest on the platform however, in that sense, it’s also the purest. It requires no additional tools, nor actually any ability.

It’s a hack for eradicating errant items of eggshell after you will have cracked the egg, suggesting that somewhat than fishing round with one other piece of shell or a teaspoon or no matter, that you just moist considered one of your individual fingers underneath the faucet then dab the piece of shell together with your fingertip. It can take away the shell however gained’t take away any egg. It’s price all of the hours I’ve spent scrolling on TikTok.

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