400 gm almonds

300 gm sugar-free powder

5 gm cardamom

75 gm water

For mango confit

100 gm mango pulp

2 gm agar agar

Sugar free powder

For garnish

1 gm saffron


1.   Boil the almonds in a big vessel for 20 minutes.  

2.    Drain the water and take away the pores and skin of the almonds. Add the almonds to a mixer and mix to make a paste.

3.     Soften sugar-free powder and water collectively in a heavy bottomed 15-inch forged iron pan. When the syrup reaches 112°C, add cardamom and stir repeatedly. Cook dinner the combination on a low flame till all elements mix right into a dough-like consistency.

4.   Take away onto a clear work floor. Enable it to chill. 

5.    Cook dinner mango pulp with agar-agar and sugar free powder. Place on a flat tray. 

6. As soon as cooled, knead the dough to get a clean texture (Fast tip: Work very quick preserving in thoughts to not over-knead as this can launch the oils from the paste)

7. Place kneaded dough onto a greased work floor. Weigh 20 gm and hold it apart.

8.    Roll almond dough into a skinny layer.

9.    Now place the mango confit layer over the almond layer. Roll tight ensuring the layers are intact.

10.    Coat with silver leaf and garnish with saffron.

3. Malai Peda

By Varun Seth, Co-Founder, NOTO


210 gm contemporary khoya

90 gm sugar-free mix

0.5 gm cardamom powder

5 gm almond flakes (for garnish) 


1. Put together a big stockpot and cook dinner the khoya and sweetener collectively, stirring consistently, till the combination thickens. 

2. As quickly because the sauce has thickened, add the cardamom powder and blend properly. Put aside to chill for an hour. 

3. As soon as cool, divide the combination into 20g parts. To get the proper form, gently press them into balls after which flatten them barely. Garnish with almond flakes.

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