Açaí berry cleanses have just lately turn out to be well-liked all through Europe and the USA.

This berry is the fruit of the palm tree Euterpe oleracea, which is native to Central and South America. It accommodates an array of wholesome antioxidants and phytochemicals (1, 2, 3).

Nonetheless, you could marvel if the açaí berry cleanse dietary supplements at your native well being meals retailer are price attempting.

This text explains whether or not açaí berry cleanses are efficient or protected.

An açaí berry cleanse is a weight reduction complement out there in pill and liquid type. The size of the cleanse will depend on the product and sort of complement.

As an example, Utilized Diet’s pill cleanse lasts 14 days and requires that you simply take a complete of 4 tablets per day, 2 earlier than breakfast and a pair of at bedtime (4).

The Backyard Greens detox liquid is a 32-ounce (1 L) cleanse consumed over 48 hours. You combine 4 ounces (110 mL) of the detox liquid with 4–8 ounces (120–240 mL) of water and drink 4 occasions per day for two weeks (5).

These merchandise declare to be detoxes that cleanse your body of poisons and irritation, eradicating any extra matter that clogs your digestive tract. Proponents assert that cleanses produce common bowel patterns, much less bloating, a flatter tummy, and wholesome weight reduction.

Nonetheless, these claims aren’t backed by science. Actually, your physique has its personal pure cleansing system by way of your liver (6).

Plus — apart from açaí berry — these dietary supplements supply insignificant dietary advantages. For instance, Utilized Diet’s product supplies 7% of the Each day Worth (DV) for calcium per serving (2 tablets) however no dietary fiber or different health-promoting vitamins (4).


Açaí berry cleanses are weight reduction dietary supplements which are stated to take away toxins and flush extra matter out of your colon, thus restoring your metabolism. But, these claims lack scientific proof.

The supposed advantages of açaí berry cleanses lack scientific help, in order that they’re finest to keep away from.

Though açaí berry itself is completely protected, many weight reduction dietary supplements — together with açaí cleanses — stay unregulated. Neither their security nor efficiency will be assured (1, 7).

Actually, analysis reveals that the majority açaí dietary supplements include little or no açaí fruit. Some dietary supplements dilute the focus of açaí extract a lot that any advantages of the fruit are possible negligible (7).

Moreover, many açaí berry cleanses include dangerous components like cascara sagrada, an natural laxative which will trigger free stools in some breastfed infants (8).

Plus, long-term laxative use might result in dehydration and lasting modifications in your gut microbiome, probably affecting your immune well being (9).

You must remember that your liver naturally detoxes your physique of dangerous substances. There’s no scientific proof to help the detox claims of weight reduction dietary supplements (6).

As such, if you happen to’re concerned with açaí, you should purchase the entire fruit or fruit purées.


On account of an absence of scientific backing and security info, it is best to keep away from açaí cleanses.

Listed below are a few of the downsides and unintended effects of an açaí berry cleanse.

Dangerous components

One of many essential components within the açaí berry cleanse is cascara sagrada, a conventional natural treatment that has been used to treat constipation.

Whereas the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) considers cascara sagrada unsafe and ineffective to be used in over-the-counter stimulant laxatives, you’ll be able to nonetheless discover it as an ingredient in some dietary supplements, together with açaí berry cleanses (4, 10).

Cascara sagrada might also trigger belly ache and darkish urine. In uncommon circumstances, it might result in liver irritation, also called hepatitis (11).

Warning labels on some açaí cleanse merchandise point out that cascara sagrada might worsen diarrhea and trigger free stools or belly ache. When you expertise these signs, it is best to discontinue the cleanse instantly (4).

Unsafe throughout being pregnant

When you’re pregnant or nursing, it’s finest to keep away from cleanses as a consequence of security issues and an absence of analysis. Particularly, laxative components typically utilized in cleanses might pose sure risks (12).

For instance, cascara sagrada is an unsafe ingredient generally present in cleanses — together with açaí cleanses — that has been proven to enter breastmilk and trigger free stools in infants (8).

When you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and are experiencing constipation, or wish to study extra about protected weight reduction choices, seek the advice of your medical staff or a registered dietitian.

Might disrupt intestine well being

Since açaí cleanses include the stimulant laxative cascara sagrada, they aren’t supposed for long-term use.

Lengthy-term use of stimulant laxatives is related to fluid loss and dehydration. This may occasionally hurt your colon, growing your threat of colon most cancers (13).

Moreover, these laxatives might disrupt the stability of excellent micro organism in your intestine, which can hurt your immune well being (9).

One product recommends taking a minimum of a 30-day break between açaí cleanse use cycles to help pure bowel regularity (4).

Linked to restrictive weight-reduction plan

When you determine to do an açaí cleanse, you could be forgoing more healthy and extra nutritious meals on the expense of a doubtful weight reduction complement.

As an example, the Backyard Greens açaí detox suggests that you simply restrict meals consumption to easy grains, fruits, and greens for one of the best detox outcomes (5).

Nonetheless, diets and dietary supplements that promote rapid weight loss and encourage many dietary restrictions are unsustainable, as misplaced weight could also be regained. As well as, these dietary supplements might pose long-term well being dangers like bone loss (14).

Moreover, weight reduction dietary supplements are linked to an elevated threat of eating disorders (15).

You must seek the advice of your physician earlier than attempting weight reduction dietary supplements or restrictive diets.


Açaí berry cleanses include the dangerous laxative cascara sagrada, which can trigger belly ache, disrupt wholesome intestine micro organism, and worsen immune well being. Restrictive diets that go hand in hand with these cleanses are additionally harmful.

You must all the time take into account dietary and way of life modifications — not cleanses — your major technique of shedding weight and boosting your well being. Listed below are some ideas that help sustainable weight reduction (16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21):

  • Eat entire fruit. Dietary fiber has been proven to support weight loss. Açaí fruit is wealthy in fiber, however aҫaí dietary supplements and cleanses lack this nutrient.
  • Keep hydrated. Drink a glass of water with every meal and exchange sugary drinks with water for sustainable weight reduction.
  • Eat slowly. Eating slowly reduces meals consumption, boosts weight lowering hormones, and lets you really feel full.
  • Select entire grains. The next entire grain consumption has been related to a decrease threat of weight acquire. Thus, attempt to exchange refined carbs with entire grains.
  • Get high quality sleep. Poor sleep is related to weight acquire. Adults 18 years and older ought to purpose for at least 7 hours of sleep per night time.


Options for açaí berry cleanse for sustainable weight reduction embody consuming entire fruit, ingesting water as your major beverage, consuming slowly, selecting entire grains, and getting prime quality sleep.

Not like the cleanse, entire açaí berries present a bounty of important nutritional vitamins and minerals — particularly dietary fiber, B nutritional vitamins, protein, wholesome fats, and nutritional vitamins A and C (1).

Açaí berries additionally supply anti-inflammatory properties which will support weight administration and decrease blood strain, blood sugar, and levels of cholesterol (1, 2, 3, 22).

Check-tube research display that açaí might also defend towards bone loss by mitigating irritation and stopping the multiplication of osteoclasts — the cells accountable for bone loss (23).

Whereas additional analysis is required, animal research point out that açaí might likewise combat most cancers progress (1).

As such, it’s finest to eat this fruit in its entire or puréed type moderately than strive cleanses. Açaí makes an ideal addition to smoothies, fruit bowls, and yogurt.


Açaí berries present quite a few well being advantages. It’s possible best to eat this fruit in its puréed type.

An açaí berry cleanse is a weight reduction complement that claims to scale back toxins and extra weight by unclogging your digestive tract utilizing stimulant laxatives, equivalent to cascara sagrada.

But, it’s safer and more healthy to eat entire açaí berries or purée moderately than to strive a cleanse.

That’s as a result of cleanses make doubtful well being claims and have been proven to be unsafe, as they could hurt intestine well being, set off restrictive consuming patterns, and pose risks throughout being pregnant.

When you’re seeking to shed some pounds or give your self a wholesome reset, it’s finest to comply with a balanced diet and get ample train.

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