By Heather Moore

A latest survey of two,000 U.S. residents means that one in 5 People is “vegan-curious,” a time period researchers use to explain people who find themselves thinking about making an attempt extra healthful, humane vegan meals.

In response to the “Pondering Previous Meat” survey, a rising variety of People are consuming extra vegan meals, and almost 20% of the survey respondents stated that the meals they eat now are radically totally different from what they ate 5 years in the past.

😃😃😃😃❤One in three survey contributors recognized as both vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian — somebody who primarily eats plant meals however sometimes eats meat — and about half of the opposite contributors have both tried or thought of going vegan.

In case you’re “vegan-curious,” too, you’re in luck, as a result of it’s by no means been simpler to go vegan. Whereas a nutritious diet ought to embody a whole lot of fruit, greens, beans, entire grains and different healthful plant meals, you’ve possible additionally seen vegan meats from Past Meat, Gardein and different in style manufacturers. Vegan meats, like all vegan meals, are cholesterol-free and are typically low in saturated fats in comparison with animal flesh. Scientists from Stanford Drugs have even discovered that “a weight-reduction plan that features a mean of two servings of plant-based meat options lowers some cardiovascular danger elements in contrast with a weight-reduction plan that as a substitute consists of the identical quantity of animal meat.”

Dairy-free meals are additionally more healthy (to not point out kinder to animals and higher for the surroundings) than dairy merchandise. In case you’re searching for a snack, you’ll be able to usually discover dairy-free yogurts from Chobani alongside Oatly oat milk and different vegan gadgets within the “dairy” aisle. And vegans can indulge in lots of decadent treats, e.g., Ben & Jerry’s makes not less than 19 nondairy ice cream flavors, and different well-known ice cream firms, together with Haagen-Dazs and Magnum, have launched vegan choices as nicely.

So many tasty vegan choices – wonderful selection at TRADER JOE’S in Shrewsbury (rt 9, proper over the bridge)!


In case you aren’t vegan-curious but, right here’s some meals for thought: The Academy of Diet and Dietetics says that individuals who go vegan scale back their danger for creating coronary heart illness by 29% and their probability of being hospitalized for a coronary heart assault by 33%. Additionally they scale back their danger for diabetes by as a lot as 62% and their danger for all sorts of most cancers by 18%. Males can decrease their possibilities of creating prostate most cancers by 35%. Vegans additionally are likely to have a decrease physique mass index, or BMI, than nonvegans, and going vegan might help strengthen one’s immune system and push back the worst signs of COVID-19.

Oxford Martin Faculty scientists consider that if everybody went vegan, it will save as much as 8 million human lives …

… scale back greenhouse gases by two-thirds and keep away from 1.5 trillion {dollars}’ value of climate-related damages by 2050:

And going vegan received’t simply assist save human lives and forestall environmental destruction — it’s additionally estimated that every vegan spares almost 200 animals yearly.


Animals undergo terribly on manufacturing facility farms … all dwell horrific lives. All die brutally …

Animals are made from flesh and blood, simply as we’re. However these raised for meals are confined to filthy, severely crowded cages, stalls, sheds and warehouses for all times, separated from their family members, mutilated and killed in painful methods. Chickens, turkeys and pigs are hung upside-down, scalded and bled to loss of life, generally whereas they’re nonetheless aware. Calves are torn away from their moms to be killed for veal or changed into digital milk machines. Fish are usually both gutted or left to suffocate out of water, and shellfish are sometimes boiled alive.

The cruelty alone ought to be sufficient to maneuver folks previous the “curious” stage and persuade them to go vegan. However all of us have to begin someplace. Whether or not you’re merely curious or raring to go, try for extra info and a free vegan starter package.

Joyful piglets! Go veggie – and save 200 animals yearly!!!







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