Identical to the salty, umami goodness that resides in cheese rinds (extra on that later), the skeleton of your corn cob is a veritable bombshell of taste, due to the milky liquid that adheres to its craters. Whenever you’ve gnawed off its juicy kernels, give it a rinse and contemplate it the key ingredient in your subsequent batch of corn chowder or Columbian Ajiaco soup. In line with The Healthy, merely simmering uncooked or cooked corn cobs in salted water could make for a simple corn broth. Use it as a base for corn chowder or any variety of dishes, from boiled grains to blanched greens. Likewise, in the event you nonetheless have your corn husks, you possibly can go away them to dry within the solar for just a few days and use them to wrap tamales

Along with inventory, FoodPrint suggests using corn cobs for jelly by simmering them with powdered pectin and sugar. The positioning additionally notes that cobs do wonders for reinforcing the flavour of poaching liquid, whether or not you are working with fish or poultry. In fact, in the event you’re maxed out on corn taste, you possibly can even use dried-out cobs to clean your pots and pans.

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