People have a typical behavior of consuming one thing candy after any meal. Even at events, we are able to discover that starters and soups are served first and desserts ultimately. This behavior has been a behavioural sample which is being adopted over the 12 months. However many individuals don’t that our historic Indian tradition recommends us to eat sweets earlier than we begin our full-fledged meal. Our forefathers and ancestors have applied sure guidelines for our our bodies to work effectively. Clearly, there have to be a purpose behind this rule as nicely.Additionally Learn – Side Effects of Cucumber: Know Why You Should Avoid Eating Kheera at Night

It’s believed that ayurvedic consuming order is in line with style, i.e. candy, bitter, salt, pungent, bitter, and astringent. Which means one should begin the meal by consuming one thing candy adopted by one thing salty within the center and astringent or spicy on the finish. Consuming meals that satisfies all six tastes helps us in staying keep wholesome. Meals with a single style or few tastes can result in a variety of well being issues. Additionally Learn – Heat And Heart Failure: 7 Tips to Protect Your Heart This Summer

Dr Smita Naram, Co-Founder, Ayushakti explains why Ayurveda recommend consuming sweets earlier than a meal:

Candy style acts up immediately on our style buds relatively than different tastes. Consuming candy issues initially empowers the development of abdomen associated emissions; it hurries up the digestion course of and helps your style buds. Not simply that, few research have proven that in the event you finish your meal with sweets it would react with the acid and you’ll begin going through digestive obstructions corresponding to bloating, acidity and gastric obstruction. Additionally Learn – 5 Surprising Benefits of Giving Up Milk You Should Know

Additionally it is instructed to devour sweets first as a result of they’re made up of earth and water components that are heavy by nature and are subsequently tough to digest so, at the start of a meal the digestive energy is at its highest stage, which permits folks to digest candy meals simply. Consuming candy after your meal tends to make your metabolism sluggish. A physique having sluggish metabolism will result in many issues corresponding to diabetes, weight problems, thyroid issues, and PCOS.
Consuming sweets earlier than meals helps the physique to launch digestive hormones in your physique and enhance digestion. Taking sweets after a meal can decelerate digestion and trigger digestive issues. One can substitute sweets or desserts with fennel seeds or buttermilk on the finish of the meal as this helps ease digestion and cleanses the mouth. Betel leaf with nuts and paan will also be had at finish of a meal.

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