pot of water, salt, sugar and spices

Do I would like so as to add different substances to my brine

The quick reply is not any. The aim of the brine is to not taste the fowl, it’s to assist guarantee moistness of the meat. 

However in the event you really feel you possibly can style the distinction, go for it. Toss in these recent herbs and citrus slices. Personally, I get the essence of lemon and thyme by simply mixing in a few of my turkey rub.

ice added to pot of turkey brine

Temperature issues

For the brine to correctly work, you have to dissolve the sugar and salt. That requires heating it on the range. The issue is in an effort to hold your turkey within the protected zone, you have to cool the water to room temperature (68F levels) earlier than soaking the fowl. I don’t like ready for that.

So as an alternative of boiling 2 gallons of water, I solely boil one gallon to dissolve the salt and sugar. Then, I stir in 16 cups of ice, which is able to shortly soften and convey all the pot right down to about to a protected temperature. It’s okay if all the ice doesn’t soften. 

It’s additionally necessary to maintain the turkey chilly in the course of the brining course of, which implies make room in your fridge or a big cooler that maintains a temp of 40F levels or beneath. Plan this out upfront to be sure you can accommodate the fowl. 

How one can place the turkey within the brine

It’s finest to make use of a tall, slender bucket or pot, as long as it is going to slot in your fridge. The nearer in dimension the container is to your turkey, the much less brine you have to. 

If you need to use a horizontal container on account of your fridge dimensions, place the turkey breast aspect down. That’s the place the vast majority of the chicken is. Chicken has much less pure moisture than darkish meat, in order that’s predominately why we’re utilizing a brine within the first place. 

When you’re utilizing a bucket, place the turkey within the brine with the legs up. That method, the breasts are absolutely submerged. 

I like to recommend utilizing a brining bag. Don’t use a trash bag. They’re not meals protected and infrequently include chemical compounds or scents that shouldn’t be uncovered to meals you intend to devour. 

Place the brining bag in your container. Then, add the turkey, after which, pour within the brine. 

lid on turkey brine

Ensure that all the fowl is submerged. To do that, you could wish to add a bowl on high, or use a brining bucket with a hold down lid, simply be certain that no matter you utilize, it is going to slot in your fridge. 

bucket in fridge with turkey brining

Can I brine in a cooler

When you don’t have sufficient room in your fridge for a 5-gallon bucket, you should use a cooler. I like to recommend nonetheless utilizing the bucket and bag methodology although. In any other case, you’ll want a ton of brine. 

Comply with the identical steps. Place the bag within the bucket. Add the turkey and high with brine. Tie the bag on the high and place the bucket within the cooler. Encompass the bucket with ice, and add ice on high, particularly in the event you can’t shut the lid. 

Verify the ice periodically to guarantee that the brine temperature is staying beneath 40F levels. 

How Lengthy Ought to I brine my turkey

When you brine your turkey for about 45 minutes per pound you’ll hit the candy spot, and the meat will find yourself good and juicy. I’ve created a useful chart above that features the completely different instances for various weights. 

Rinse the Turkey

As a result of your turkey has been in a salt answer for a number of hours, you’ll wish to rinse the fowl to take away the surplus salt. That is the one time I like to recommend rinsing poultry.

It’s essential if you’re completed that you simply clear your sink and bucket and some other areas which will have been uncovered to the uncooked turkey or brining liquid. 

After it’s rinsed, it’s time to maneuver onto the turkey rub stage

turkey on smoker after one hour

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