I am not an exceptionally busy particular person. There are individuals who do way more with their lives than me, a humble internetsman, spending his days writing blogs about air frying. I am not some ER physician working in a single day shifts. Nonetheless, I do not like losing my time. Who does?

In order that’s why I could not stand a viral TikTok recipe for twisted bacon. It was a monumentally pointless waste of effort and time. I do not like novelty meals that serve no objective past their novelty. For example, I wasn’t a fan of these air fryer PB&J roll-ups as a result of it took extra time than a standard sandwich with out including a lot — however at the very least you may argue the roll-ups may encourage youngsters to eat their meals. I am unable to see any such argument for twisted bacon.

Positive twisty bacon tastes good…however so does common bacon, which does not take 40 minutes to prepare dinner. That is proper. Forty minutes. For bacon in a twist form. No thanks. However first, let’s go over the best way to make it via the viral TikTok from Jackie Hartlaub, aka @lowcarbstateofmind, a well-liked meals creator whose recipes we have written about in the past, with significantly better opinions.


  • Bacon, as many strips as you would like

  • Seasoning of your selection, ideally with little-to-no salt, since cured bacon is salty already


  1. Holding the ends of a bacon strip, twirl the strip so it corkscrews right into a twisty form. That is simpler to do when you preserve one finish of the bacon secure whereas twisting and pulling from the opposite finish.

  2. As soon as twisted, lay the bacon down in your air fryer. Repeat the twisting course of for as many strips as you need.

  3. Season the bacon.

  4. Air fry at 275 levels for 40 minutes, flipping midway. Get pleasure from!

This is how Hartlaub’s course of appeared.

bacon being twisted and cooked

Twisted bacon. What an idea.
Credit score: Screenshots: TikTok / @lowcarbstateofmind

The main points

First, some housekeeping, whereas we discovered this video by way of Hartlaub, the place it racked up almost 2 million views, she initially discovered a model of the recipe from @HouseofKeto. So it’s also possible to discover their version of the recipe here, which is definitely made within the oven.

And to be clear, this is not an particularly tough recipe. All you do is twist bacon, then air fry it. The twisting does type of suck, although. I do not understand how typically you’ve got dealt with uncooked bacon in your life, but it surely has a definite, slippery high quality as a result of its excessive fats content material. Which means as you twist the bacon strains your palms will glisten with pork fats. With every passing strip, it can turn out to be tougher to twist as a result of your fingers will probably be greased.

And that will get at why I do not like this recipe. It is pointless work! Why are we twisting bacon? Cease and assume for one rattling second. It provides completely nothing the bacon. Zilch. There isn’t any taste or texture distinction. It is only a completely different freaking form.

And it takes longer to prepare dinner! For some purpose — maybe as a result of it must be cooked at a low warmth to carry its twist form — this bacon takes 40 minutes to prepare dinner. Add the 5 to 10 minutes it’s going to take to fastidiously twist the bacon and also you’re almost an hour of prepare dinner time. This is what my ultimate outcome appeared like:

cooked bacon, twisted up

Bacon, however make it twisty.
Credit score: Mashable

And granted, I ate it and it was good. It was in all probability slightly overcooked, but it surely’s bacon. It is really tough to mess it up.

However are you aware what you may do as a substitute? Simply put bacon within the air fryer with out twisting it. Most air fryer bacon recipes call for 10 to fifteen minutes of prepare dinner time. So you may make at the very least three batches of standard bacon within the time you’d must make twisty bacon.

There’s simply no purpose, in my view, to take the time to make twisted bacon. Simply throw some within the air fryer, sans twisting, and transfer on together with your life.

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