Dementia, the syndrome that damages mind cells over the time period and impacts cognitive operate of the brain making it troublesome for individuals to recollect, suppose and keep it up with their day after day actions will get solely worse over the time. Dementia turns into extra widespread as one grows previous however is just not essentially a traditional a part of ageing. (Additionally learn: Brain Diet: Foods to keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay)

There are various kinds of dementia. Neurodegenerative issues end in a progressive and irreversible lack of neurons and mind functioning. Alzheimer’s illness is likely one of the most typical dementia brought on by modifications within the mind, together with irregular buildups of proteins, referred to as amyloid plaques and tau tangles. Different forms of dementia are frontotemporal dementia, lewy physique dementia, vascular dementia and blended dementia which is a mix of two or extra forms of dementia.

Whereas the situation in lots of sorts of dementia is irreversible, caring for your mind well being, could hold the illness bay. A great weight loss program can nourish and rejuvenate mind cells and stop cognitive decline.

“Like different medical circumstances, you possibly can decrease the danger of creating dementia, or at the very least gradual it down via some methods; certainly one of which incorporates dietary modifications. A weight loss program good for the guts additionally works nice for thebrainas nicely as for general well being. Ahealthy dietcan assist scale back the danger of sure circumstances which may result in this illness. Though, as some causes are out of our management, we can’t fully stop it,” says Asma Alam, Consulting Nutritionist and Dietitian.

Asma Aslam additionally suggests meals that may assist stop dementia.

Leafy greens: Greens like spinach, kale, collard greens, and many others are a number of the veggies which have a great quantity of important B nutritional vitamins like folate and B9 that helpin lowering melancholy, alongside boosting cognition.


Berries: Berries reminiscent of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, and many others include a flavonoid referred to as anthocyanin. They’re additionally full of antioxidants that assist in lowering irritation and sustaining good mind well being.

Nuts: They’re loaded with vitamins like vitamin B, E, magnesium in addition to wholesome fat, all of which assist in selling good cognition alongside warding offsigns of dementia.

Spices: Cinnamon, cumin and sage style superb as seasonings in several meals. In addition they include polyphenols, compounds that possess varied well being advantages with reference to reminiscence and mind well being. Such spices additionally assist in lowering irritation.


Seeds: Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, in addition to pumpkin seeds include antioxidants and important vitamins like zinc, omega-3s, zinc, choline and vitamin E that support in lowering cognitive decline. You possibly can snack on such seeds as it’s, merely sprinkle them on salads, and even add them to desserts reminiscent of muffins and pudding.

Another issues that may assist stop from dementia are:

* Lowering alcohol consumption

* Exercising commonly

* Managing your sleep cycles

* Protecting your thoughts energetic via completely different actions like puzzle video games, learning a brand new language, staying socially engaged, and many others.

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