In case you’re a fan of classy cookware, there’s a very good likelihood you may have an Instant Pot hanging out someplace in your kitchen. These electrical multicookers grew to become smash hits throughout the pandemic shutdowns, due to their capacity to simply and effectively cook dinner every thing from meats to greens to grains to baked items.

On the spot Pot (and comparable manufacturers) markets its product as a wide-ranging kitchen downside solver, and since this device’s recognition reveals no indicators of slowing down, we thought it necessary to talk with skilled cooks and recipe builders about each the advantages of the On the spot Pot and ― simply as necessary for buyers ― its limitations.

On that final word, we realized from our skilled sources that these 9 meals aren’t at their greatest when cooked within the On the spot Pot.


A wonderfully cooked steak depends on endurance, a high-quality minimize of beef and a excessive degree of warmth, which lets you obtain the proper sear. The On the spot Pot, which has limits to its heating potential, isn’t the only option for this dear entree.

“The important thing to a wonderfully cooked steak is getting your pan good and sizzling! A sizzling pan results in a deeply brown crust on either side of a steak. The searing perform on an On the spot Pot doesn’t warmth the underside of the pot evenly sufficient to get a very good sear on a steak,” explains chef and sommelier Dana Beninati of Skillr.

Roast beef

Whereas the On the spot Pot’s strain cook dinner setting can successfully tenderize robust cuts of beef, its incapability to provide wealthy and even browning makes it a less-than-ideal alternative for steaks and, certainly, for bigger roasts.

“Whereas I really like my On the spot Pot Extremely, my backside spherical roast recipe ought to by no means be made in an On the spot Pot. If you would like a wonderfully cooked medium-rare roast from edge to edge with a crispy and browned exterior full of taste, you may’t use an On the spot Pot. This wildly well-liked cooking gadget depends totally on steam and strain to cook dinner, which leads to an overcooked steamed roast with minimal taste or browning,” says chef and recipe developer Kimberly Grabinski of 730 Sage Street.

Dishes cooked with milk or cream

“An instance of a dish that ought to by no means be cooked within the On the spot Pot is something utilizing cream or milk,” insists meals blogger and cookbook creator Carrie Forrest of Clean Eating Kitchen. In case you’re utilizing the strain cook dinner setting (the preferred alternative for On the spot Pot recipes), “cream or milk merchandise are likely to curdle.” In case you’re making an On the spot Pot dish that requires some heavy cream or cow’s milk, Forrest recommends including these dairy substances after the strain cooking is full, which is able to stop them from overheating.

After all, in the event you’re utilizing your On the spot Pot for yogurt-making (utilizing the yogurt setting), then curdled milk is the entire level, so the above recommendation received’t apply.


Many On the spot Pot newbies are shocked to study that this device can be utilized for baking; a fast look at On the spot Pot posts on Instagram will reveal cheesecakes, sponge muffins and any variety of different desserts. That stated, sure baking initiatives received’t work within the On the spot Pot, because of the explicit means during which On the spot Pots conduct and switch warmth.

Living proof? Cornbread. “Whereas On the spot Pot does a terrific job with versatility and precision, the pressurized cooking chamber and steam perform don’t promote stable bread baking,” says government chef and proprietor Brian “Jup” Jupiter of Ina Mae Tavern and Frontier in Chicago. “Initially, I believed cornbread could be nice within the On the spot Pot, as a result of the strain would amplify the air within the dough and make a lighter remaining product. As a substitute, the cornbread got here out soggy and dense, proving me mistaken.”

If you're looking for a crinkly top on your brownies, you won't get it in an Instant Pot.

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In case you’re in search of a crinkly high in your brownies, you will not get it in an On the spot Pot.


Brownies, like cornbread, require a little bit of textural distinction to actually shine. A barely crunchy exterior ought to give technique to a mushy inside, and that’s why recipe developer, cookbook creator and cooking teacher Vasanti Bhadkamkar-Balan chooses to maintain her brownies out of the On the spot Pot. “Brownies want dry warmth to develop their ‘crust,’ and the moist warmth of the On the spot Pot doesn’t work,” she says.

Gradual-cooked stews

Except for the strain cook dinner setting, most On the spot Pot fashions additionally characteristic a sluggish cook dinner setting, which is supposed to duplicate the light, relaxed cooking tempo of a standard sluggish cooker. Nevertheless, head chef Yankel Polak of ButcherBox warns that in the event you’re making a beef stew or a dish that requires long-braised meat, the On the spot Pot’s commonplace setup contains one main impediment: a chrome steel pot insert.

Despite the fact that the On the spot Pot has a slow-cooking mode, it’s not a terrific alternative for a correct sluggish cooker! The principle cause for that is that the [Instant Pot’s] heating components are positioned on the backside of the gadget, and the pot materials (stainless-steel) is thinner than a basic sluggish cooker ceramic pot. For low and sluggish stews, the type that actually come to life after 12-18 hours of light warmth, the On the spot Pot just isn’t the only option,” Polak says.

Fortunately, there’s a simple workaround for On the spot Pot homeowners who wish to totally maximize the slow-cooking capabilities of this device. You may individually buy a ceramic pot insert for many On the spot Pot fashions, and since stated ceramic is thicker and might distribute warmth extra gently than stainless-steel, you’ll be capable of slow-cook your stew to perfection.

Crispy tofu

In relation to the restrictions of an On the spot Pot, New York Metropolis-based non-public chef Adriana Guillen factors out that “the temperature of the On the spot Pot is not going to get sizzling sufficient to attain a fried crispy texture.” Particularly, tofu ― arguably one of the crucial well-liked plant-based proteins ― tends to stay to the underside of the On the spot Pot’s stainless-steel insert, so getting an appealingly crispy texture will show difficult.

Blogger and recipe developer Emily Eggers explains why textural points so usually happen within the On the spot Pot: “Stress cooking works by circulating sizzling steam in a sealed pot, so it’s nice for mushy or moist meals like soups or stews. This methodology would end in a soggy merchandise if it has breading or is meant to be fried.”

The On the spot Pot model does produce an air fryer attachment, which may very well be a viable choice if you wish to make crispy gadgets on this equipment. But when oil-frying is your objective for tofu (or for anything), then the On the spot Pot received’t accomplish that objective.


It’s troublesome to consider a extra finicky, easier-to-mess-up dish than risotto, and that’s precisely why the “shortcuts” supplied by the On the spot Pot aren’t helpful for this temperamental rice dish.

“There’s a tremendous line between crafting the proper risotto and ruining it, and it requires fixed and cautious consideration on the a part of whoever is cooking it. An On the spot Pot isn’t a cooking vessel that’ll grant you that luxurious,” explains artistic director Christina Russo of The Kitchen Community.


Pasta is shockingly simple to overcook, which compromises its texture and makes it troublesome for sauces to correctly cling to it.

So far as the On the spot Pot goes, chef and recipe developer Devan Cameron of Braised and Deglazed tells us that “it merely doesn’t make sense to strain cook dinner pasta. In case you strain cook dinner pasta, it’s going to turn out to be soggy and overcooked, as a substitute of scrumptious and al dente. Pasta additionally must be stirred steadily to stop it from sticking collectively, and this isn’t attainable whereas the strain cooker is sealed.” Cameron notes that the On the spot Pot could be helpful for making sauces like bolognese in a shorter-than-usual time-frame, however he urges you to “cook dinner your pasta individually!”

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