At a fast look, a Dutch oven looks like a stockpot comprised of cast-iron as an alternative of chrome steel. Certainly, the 2 have similarities in look comparable to tall partitions and two handles. Nevertheless, Cookware Insider explains {that a} stockpot is taller and lighter, supreme for holding a variety of elements and liquid. This makes it an amazing choice for soups, broths, and any recipe that requires you to pour off the liquid. In the meantime, Dutch ovens are usually shorter and far heavier, making it difficult to empty off extra liquid.

Since Dutch ovens are thicker, they keep a relentless temperature as soon as they lastly heat up, radiating warmth in order that elements cooks evenly. OvenSpot pointedly notes that chrome steel pots do not share this high quality. A thick construction signifies that Dutch ovens can be utilized on the stovetop and within the oven, which makes them a superb choice for recipes that contain braising meals for an extended period (by way of Cookware Insider). In the meantime, stockpots aren’t appropriate for the oven, partly as a result of they’re much thinner and normally too tall to suit.

When you might most likely get by with simply one of many two items of cookware, when you have a large cooking repertoire that features soups, broths, slow-cooked meats, roasts, then each can be sensible.

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