As the recognition of collagen powder continues to extend, an increasing number of corporations are formulating collagen dietary supplements to swimsuit the wants of the lots.


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With well being advantages like improved bone mineral density, the looks of tremendous traces and wrinkles, and decreased joint ache, it is sensible that collagen is taking off[*][*][*].

Whereas, on the one hand, this creates a wide range of choices so that you can select from, it may well additionally create a little bit of confusion as to which collagen is best for you.

On this article, you’ll study:

What Are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen is a protein that makes up the higher portion of your connective tissue. It’s essentially the most ample protein in your physique, and it offers construction and performance to your bones, pores and skin, ligaments, and tendons[*].

As you age, collagen manufacturing naturally begins to say no. This is the reason chances are you’ll begin to see extra wrinkles in your face, your joints could develop into weaker, and your bones develop into extra fragile.

Collagen dietary supplements are available in to help your physique in opposition to its pure decline in collagen. With that being mentioned, not all collagen dietary supplements are created equal.

Collagen peptides are a kind of collagen that’s gone by way of the method of hydrolysis.

Hydrolysis includes including water to interrupt down the protein into smaller molecules known as amino acids. On this kind, the collagen is simpler to digest, and due to this fact has a superior bioavailability than non-hydrolyzed collagen[*][*].

On a diet label, collagen peptides could also be listed as both “hydrolyzed collagen” or “collagen peptides.”

How To Use Collagen Peptides On Keto

Collagen peptides are a superb addition to any food regimen, however they work notably nicely with keto attributable to their macronutrient ratio, which is excessive protein and low carb.

A few of the hottest methods to make use of collagen embrace:


Add it to your breakfast as a morning increase in protein. You’ll be able to stir a scoop of collagen into your keto oatmeal, add it to your morning smoothie with a inexperienced powder and a few whey protein, or combine it into your espresso with some MCTs for a scrumptious nutrient-rich pick-me-up.

Pre or Put up Exercise

Protein is essential for muscle development and upkeep; that’s why most pre and post-workout drinks are full of protein. You’ll be able to merely add collagen powder to water, shake it up after a exercise, or make a smoothie out of it with some low-carb fruit choices and inexperienced veggies like kale and spinach.

Including collagen peptides to your post-workout is very helpful as a result of excessive bioavailability. After train, your physique is able to take in and assimilate the vitamins you give it, so optimizing your collagen consumption throughout this time is a superb thought.

Baked Items

Possibly you’re not a smoothie particular person, otherwise you don’t need to add something to your morning espresso, no downside. You’ll be able to add collagen powder to any variety of keto-friendly baked items. When you have some collagen in a chocolate taste, add it to some chocolate keto cookies. Strawberry collagen will be added to scrumptious strawberry cream cheese fat bombs.

For true versatility, you’ll be able to add plain collagen to virtually any recipe because it has a really gentle taste and mixes simply with the opposite dry elements. Pancakes, muffins, waffles, in the event you can combine it in, you’ll be able to add collagen to virtually something.

Soups and Sauces

Plain collagen, with its gentle taste, can be added to just about any liquid medium. Whereas shakes and smoothies are usually the most typical means so as to add collagen to a meal, you’ll be able to’t overlook about soups and sauces.

Add collagen to your selfmade or store-bought salad dressing, keto-friendly condiments, soups, or stews. It not solely boosts the protein content material of your meals, however it would add slightly pure thickener as nicely.

What Makes Collagen Keto-Pleasant?

Pure collagen is keto-friendly by nature because it’s just about devoid of carbs and wealthy in protein. With that being mentioned, many corporations formulate their collagen with added elements that up the carb depend or undermine the purity of the product.

As an example, some corporations will add sugar and flavors that enhance the carb depend in an effort to make it extra tasty. As talked about, collagen has a reasonably gentle taste by itself, so it may well decide up completely different flavors fairly simply. Sadly, this usually signifies that the collagen powder is now not keto-friendly.


Be a part of 90k+ people who find themselves dropping pounds with Keto Kickstart, our doctor-developed program designed to provide you actual weight reduction outcomes.

One other issue to take into consideration when in search of keto-friendly collagen is the fats content material. By itself, collagen doesn’t include a lot fats. Nonetheless, chances are you’ll discover that some corporations add elements to the powder to extend the fats content material.

Among the finest examples is the addition of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), which give a superb supply of fats for keto dieters. MCTs are readily absorbed after which damaged down into ketones, offering a lift of vitality alongside together with your simply digestible protein[*].

Due to this fact, the perfect keto collagen dietary supplements might be sugar-free, with high-quality collagen, and ideally an added supply of fats that will help you keep in ketosis.

The 4 Greatest Collagen Peptide Dietary supplements For Keto Dieters

1. Good Keto Collagen Protein Powder

Perfect Keto Collagen Powder is tailored for the keto food regimen.

Every serving of Perfect Keto Collagen Powder accommodates 10 grams of collagen protein and 5,000 mg of MCT oil powder. The MCTs provide you with an additional increase in fats, whereas the collagen provides extremely bioavailable protein. The collagen can be sourced from 100% grass-fed bovine, which isn’t solely the best high quality of collagen on the market, but it surely’s additionally essentially the most well-researched.

The flavoring in Perfect Keto Collagen Powder comes from pure flavors, stevia, and sea salt — completely no added sugars or synthetic sweeteners.


  • Hydrolyzed for enhanced bioavailability
  • Zero added sugar (solely 2 to three grams of carbs per serving)
  • Is available in a wide range of flavors, together with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter, salted caramel, cinnamon toast, and unflavored.
  • Added MCTs for further ketone manufacturing
  • 100% grass-fed collagen peptides
  • No synthetic sweeteners or components
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Gluten-free and dairy-free

2. Nice Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate

Nice Lakes Collagen is without doubt one of the authentic collagen corporations providing a powdered format. Should you’re in search of pure collagen and nothing extra, Nice Lakes accommodates one ingredient solely — grass-fed collagen.

Though you received’t get all of the bells and whistles of another collagen dietary supplements, Nice Lakes affords high-quality bovine collagen that’s practically tasteless, odorless, and dissolves simply in any liquid medium.


  • Just one ingredient (collagen)
  • 100% grass-fed bovine
  • No synthetic sweeteners or components
  • Licensed paleo-friendly

3. Very important Proteins Collagen Peptides

Very important Proteins affords bovine collagen with added hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for enhanced bioavailability and collagen manufacturing. Hyaluronic acid performs an vital position within the hydration and lubrication of your connective tissue, whereas vitamin C is important for the manufacturing of collagen[*][*].

Their authentic formulation is paleo-friendly, Entire 30 Permitted and accommodates no added sugars or synthetic sweeteners.


  • Added vitamin C and hyaluronic acid
  • Paleo-friendly and Entire 30 Permitted
  • Bovine collagen
  • No added sugars or synthetic sweeteners

4. Primal Kitchen Collagen Gasoline

Primal Kitchen’s collagen is available in a number of completely different flavors, all sourced from bovine collagen. The Chocolate, Vanilla Coconut, Peanut Butter, and Golden Turmeric flavors embrace coconut milk powder that provides you slightly further fats, and the unflavored choice is made with 100% collagen peptides.

Sweetened solely with monk fruit, the carb depend stays at 2 grams per serving, with pure sources of taste like cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and peanut flour.


  • No added sugars or synthetic sweeteners
  • Licensed paleo-friendly, primal-friendly, and keto-friendly
  • Bovine collagen
  • Added elements to spice up the fats content material

The Takeaway

On a ketogenic food regimen, it’s not simply in regards to the high quality of the collagen you’re supplementing with but in addition the opposite elements which might be added to the formulation.

Ideally, your collagen will come from beef (bovine) and also will be 100% grass-fed. Moreover, there received’t be any sneaky carbohydrate sources like added sugar or sweetened flavorings.

And if you could find a complement with fats added, that’s even higher. MCTs supply a superb supply of fats that enhances ketone manufacturing and offers a lift in vitality.


Be a part of 90k+ people who find themselves dropping pounds with Keto Kickstart, our doctor-developed program designed to provide you actual weight reduction outcomes.

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