If there’s one mushroom most of us know and love, it’s the portobello mushroom. These shrooms are scrumptious, moderately out there, and make for some superb dishes – significantly vegan substitutes. However there may be one thing you didn’t learn about them. One thing that may even be a bit stunning – startling for some: they’re the identical mushroom as button mushrooms or cremini. And but, there are some variations.

Let’s have a look.

A Mushroom By Any Different Title

portobello mushrooms ready to be cooked
Portobellos provide wealthy taste and a great deal of vitamins.

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So, the portobello mushroom truly goes by quite a lot of completely different names. The most typical ones for this mushroom, underneath the scientific title of Agaricus bisporus, are as follows:

  • Cremini mushrooms
  • Button mushrooms
  • White button mushrooms
  • Widespread mushrooms
  • Cultivated mushrooms
  • Champignon mushrooms
  • White mushrooms
  • Desk mushrooms
  • Swiss brown mushrooms
  • Child bellas
  • Chestnut mushrooms
  • Crimini mushrooms
  • Italian brown mushrooms
  • Roman brown mushrooms
  • Portobello mushrooms

As you’ll be able to see, lots of the most typical mushrooms we nosh on from the grocery retailer are all technically the identical mushroom. However there are some refined variations in using these completely different mushroom names and because of this we all know the identical species by completely different names.

Agaricus Bisporus Levels

Growing button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)
Rising button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus).


So, the primary motive the mushroom has completely different names is the levels the mushroom goes by way of that impacts its look.

The mushroom is an edible basidiomycete mushroom that grows in grasslands in North America and Eurasia, coming in each white and brown caps, in the end maturing into white caps.

When the mushroom is younger, it could have both a white cap and be referred to as by its many frequent names, save bella, child bella, or portobello. With the brown cap, it could go by any of the names.

The small white variations of this mushroom are mostly referred to as button or white button mushrooms. These are the “toddler” part of the mushroom. Cremini mushrooms are usually brown, although could have white caps or creamy ivory caps, and these are the adolescent levels of the mushrooms. Lastly, when they’re massive and mature, they’ve white caps with brown markings and coloration on them. These are the portobellos we all know and love.

Agaricus Bisporus: The Most Generally Cultivated Mushroom within the World

portobello mushrooms
Most portobello mushrooms are massive sufficient to be burger patties!

©PIXbank CZ/Shutterstock.com

Due to the assorted levels of this mushroom, the convenience of rising them, and the wonderful taste and dietary profile, portobello mushrooms are essentially the most cultivated mushroom species on the earth. They make up about 90% of the industrial manufacturing in the USA and an enormous portion of the world’s manufacturing. Because of this the younger mushrooms are typically the most affordable you could find and will actually be the one mushroom you keep in mind rising up with.

Taste Variations Between Levels

You may swear there’s a taste distinction once you eat portobello mushrooms versus white button mushrooms. And in case you do, you’re proper. There may be! When the mushroom matures, it loses a few of its water content material. By the point it reaches the portobello mushroom stage, this water lose intensifies the flavour of the mushrooms and does, in reality, make portobellos deeper in taste than white buttons.

Dimension Variations Between Levels

The typical white button mushroom (the toddler of the household) is often someplace between 1 and a pair of inches in diameter. The cremini mushroom stands out as the similar dimension or a bit bigger. The portobello, nevertheless, will usually be greater than twice that dimension, coming in at 4 to six inches in diameter.

Portobello FAQs

stuffed portobello mushrooms
There are a lot of scrumptious recipes for portobello mushrooms out there.


In case you want to study extra in regards to the species as complete, we’ve put collectively a Cremini mushroom profile that offers a glance into the historical past, classification, taste profile, well being advantages, and rather more in regards to the Agaricus Bisporus species.

Some specifics on the portobello stage, may pique your curiosity, although, as you study this taste punch potassium powerhouse.

Is it true portobellos have extra potassium than bananas?

It’s not assured that each portobello mushroom in comparison with each species of banana may have extra of this bone-enforcing, muscle-nourishing nutrient, however on common a big portobello mushroom incorporates 306 milligrams of potassium, whereas 1 banana incorporates 362 milligrams per every. The mushrooms don’t usually beat out the bananas, however they certain come shut – and price you fewer energy per serving (18 energy per portobello, 90 per small banana).

How lengthy does it take button mushrooms to change into portobello mushrooms?

White button mushrooms are usually harvested after about 2 weeks of rising time. Portobellos take about twice that long to change into the large-capped mushrooms we all know and love.

When do portobello mushrooms develop?

Fortunately, portobello mushrooms are available year-round. That is a part of why they continue to be one of many best mushrooms to seek out at grocery shops, on-line, and at farmer’s markets, even when different species aren’t out there.

What are portobello mushrooms good for?

grilling portobello mushrooms
They’re good on the grill!


Due to the scale and deep taste of the portobello mushroom, it’s generally used as a meat substitute for sure sorts of meals. Suppose grilled portobello burgers, for instance. The mushroom caps are sometimes used as an alternative or beef for the burgers. They’re additionally massive sufficient that folk who’re gluten-free or making an attempt to cut back carb intakes will change them out for the hamburger buns as an alternative.

They’re wonderful for soups, salads, pasta dishes, stir fries, as stuffed mushrooms, with potatoes, as pizza crust replacements, and rather more. Principally, if there’s one thing that may profit from mushroom flavoring or wants a meaty texture substitute, the portobello mushroom is your go-to.

Why are portobello mushrooms dearer than button mushrooms?

There’s nobody motive that portobellos are dearer, however a lot of the rationale can be as a result of portobellos take longer to develop (twice as lengthy or extra) and fewer mushrooms go right into a pound than white button mushrooms. They need to nonetheless be cheaper than unique mushrooms, nevertheless, which suggests they’re usually nonetheless going to be moderately priced.

Are portobello mushrooms wholesome?

portobello "burgers" on buns with sprous and avocado
Portobello mushrooms make for wonderful, wholesome meat substitutes.

©Natasha Breen/Shutterstock.com

Portobello mushrooms are filled with vitamins which were linked to a more healthy life-style and physique. In reality, many species of mushrooms the world over are used for medicinal remedies, each conventional and trendy.

A single serving of portobellos can give you:

  • B nutritional vitamins
  • Riboflavin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Fiber

They’re believed to help boost muscle improvement and the immune system. Some athletes significantly eat a great deal of mushrooms (and different potassium wealthy meals) to assist get better after exercises, working, biking, and so on.

Portobellos are believed by some to assist beat back cancers as a result of antioxidants they comprise, in addition to forestall and assist constipation, scale back the danger of coronary heart illness, relieve stress, assist with being pregnant associated points corresponding to hypertension or diabetes, ease the digestive system, decrease ldl cholesterol, and even assist forestall weight acquire or help in weight reduction.

Additionally they make for wonderful wholesome substitutes for much less wholesome meals like purple meat or processed breads and buns, making them a wonderful alternative for folk in search of to shed some pounds, scale back processed meals of their weight loss program, and reduce purple meats.

Are you able to develop portobello mushrooms at residence?

freshly picked portobello mushrooms in a basket
Portobellos are simple to develop at residence.


Portobello mushrooms are one of many best mushrooms species to develop at residence. You don’t even want a dank, darkish basement! There are a lot of develop kits that train you methods to develop them, or you should purchase the provides individually and observe an internet tutorial for cultivating your personal. Develop tents are nice for rising them at residence, as nicely, and are available extremely really helpful by residence growers.

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