THE SIMPLE reply to this query is “sure”. You completely can cook dinner a turkey in an air fryer.

The primary problem you are more likely to come up in opposition to when air frying a hen is the capability of your air fryer’s basket.

Have you thought of cooking your turkey in an air fryer?


Have you ever considered cooking your turkey in an air fryer?Credit score: Getty

It goes with out saying that when attempting to roast poultry, greater actually is healthier.

In case your equipment is smaller than a 5.7l you might end up in a little bit of pickle, unable to pack the hen in there.

Folks on the web declare to have cooked entire chickens in a 5.7l so a really small turkey might additionally match – however I reckon you’d need to go even greater along with your air fryer to make sure.

What you’ll be able to undoubtedly do – whatever the dimension of your equipment is cook dinner elements of the turkey – like simply the crown of even a few breasts if that is all that may match.

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Most recipes recommend that when you’re going entire, you need a 1.3-1.8kg turkey, plus some olive oil, Italian herb seasoning and a few butter to maintain it juicy.

Subsequent up, you need to rub the herbs and olive oil into the turkey together with a splash of salt and pepper.

Then, take some chunks of butter and pop them below the pores and skin of the hen, this may preserve the meat actually juicy.

Subsequent, pop the turkey within the fryer basket with the pores and skin going through down and cook dinner it for 20 minutes at 350 levels. Then flip it over and cook dinner it once more for an additional 10-15 (this depends upon this dimension of your hen).

For those who’re undecided if it is executed, stick a thermometer into the center of the breast and ensure it reads 165 levels.

As soon as cooked, whip it out, go away it to relaxation for ten minutes, then slice it up and serve along with your fav cranberry sauce, bread sauce are roasties.

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