Relating to including milk, cream, or cheese to a crock pot, you need to positively train a little bit of warning. In line with Eat This, Not That, including dairy firstly of cooking may cause curdling. Principally, as dairy is heated, ranges of lactose and pH drop, inflicting proteins to denature and type lumps, explains National Geographic.

Whereas this curdling is helpful when making cheese, it is a course of that is finest prevented when attempting to make velvety soups, stews, and casseroles. So, so as to keep away from any grittiness or lumpiness attributable to overheated dairy, stir in any creamy additions in direction of the tip of the cooking course of in order that the dairy can preserve its silky texture and wealthy style.

Curiously, one exception for including dairy earlier is within the case of evaporated milk. Provided that 60% of its moisture has been extracted, The Kitchn notes that separating will not happen when cooked over a chronic interval.

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