Breakfasts are tough – the considered merging wholesome and engaging meals to make a correct breakfast platter takes away plenty of enjoyable from the meals. Both the meals seems to be tremendous wholesome and never fairly tasty and enjoyable, whereas some meals objects are very tasty however will not be wholesome in any respect. Therefore, the necessity of placing the appropriate steadiness between wholesome and engaging to make an ideal breakfast merchandise is obligatory.

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Chef Jeethu Thampi Kandathil shared two recipes with us which won’t solely be tremendous enjoyable to have over breakfast, however may also add the mandatory vitamins to the physique. Check out the recipes of Mexican Quinoa Salad and Buttermilk Rooster Salad, urged by the chef.

Buttermilk Rooster Salad:

Buttermilk Chicken Salad(Jeethu Thampi Kandathil)
Buttermilk Rooster Salad(Jeethu Thampi Kandathil)


Herb Grilled Pulled Rooster – 60 gms

Corn Pearls – 30 gms

Sliced Onions – 30 gms

Tri Bell Pepper Julienne (Sauteed) – 30 gms

Cucumber Sliced – 40 gms

Tomato Julienne – 30 gms

Jalapenos – 10 gms

Lettuce – 40 gms

Croutons – 10 gms

Grated Processed Cheese – 10 gms

Parsley Leaves Chopped – 1 gm

Creamy Buttermilk Dressing:

Hung Curd – 10 gms

Chopped Garlic – 1 gm

Herb Seasoning – 2 gms

Candy Onion Dressing – 20 gms

Chilli Flakes – 1 gm


For salad, in a clear bowl add herb grilled pulled hen, corn pearls, sliced onions, tri bell pepper julienne (sauteed), cucumber sliced, tomato julienne, jalapenos, lettuce, creamy buttermilk dressing and hand toss it properly until the dressing is coated. garnish with croutons, grated processed cheese, parsley leaves chopped and serve. For creamy buttermilk dressing, in a bowl add hung curd, garlic, herb seasoning, candy onion dressing and chilli flakes, combine it to a easy dressing.

Mexican Quinoa Salad:

Mexican Quinoa Salad(Jeethu Thampi Kandathil)
Mexican Quinoa Salad(Jeethu Thampi Kandathil)


Foxtail Boiled – 20 gms

Quinoa Boiled – 40 gms

Cucumber Diced – 40 gms

Tomato De-seeded Diced – 40 gms

Kidney Beans Boiled – 20 gms

Pink Spinach Leaves (Flash Blanched) – 15 gms

Corn Kernels Blanched – 15 gms

Lettuce – 40 gms

Pomegranate – 15 gms

Solar-dried Tomato – 10 gms

Jalapenos – 10 gms

Grated Processed Cheese – 5 gms

Parsley Leaves Chopped – 1 gm

Cilantro Lime Dressing:

Lemon Juice – 2.5 gms

Garlic Peeled – 1 gm

French dressing – 30 gms

Cilantro – 2 gms


For making the Quinoa Chickpea Salad, in a clear bowl add boiled quinoa, boiled foxtail, cucumber diced, tomato diced, kidney beans boiled, crimson spinach leaves (flash blanched), corn kernels blanched, lettuce, pomegranate, sun-dried tomato, jalapenos sliced, chopped parsley, cilantro lime dressing and hand toss it properly until the dressing is coated. garnish with pomegranate, grated processed cheese and serve. For making Cilantro Lime Dressing, in a blender add lemon juice, chopped garlic, chopped cilantro, French dressing and mix it to a advantageous dressing consistency.

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