Nothing beats a wholesome, home-cooked meal, however typically there simply aren’t sufficient hours within the day.

Once we’re brief on time, many people will flip to a fast and simple dinner possibility, usually skimping on the fruit and veggies.

That’s the place Anyday cookware is available in. Anyday plans to debunk what many individuals don’t know: you possibly can prepare dinner actually nice meals within the microwave.

The bowls are produced from borosilicate glass which has the power to freeze and warmth with out shattering.

Together with a thermal-shock resistant dish, the bowls have a splatter-proof and silicone rimmed glass lid to maintain steam within the dish. This ensures meals stays moist and cooks evenly.

Fortunately, the Anyday web site has 100s of recipes to get you began. From Butter Chicken Curry, to Vegan Mapo Tofu and Honey Mustard Chicken Wings, these meals are cooked fully in your microwave. And in case you have a candy tooth, you might do this chocolate souffle

There’s additionally useful details about determining your microwave wattage setting, which is crucial when following the Anyday recipes onlines. 

Preserving vitamins when cooking

Not that you simply want one more reason to like cooking along with your microwave, however the even higher information is that with regards to dietary content material, microwaving your meals does the least quantity of harm to vitamins than another cooking technique. 

As an article printed on the Harvard Health website says: “Some vitamins break down after they’re uncovered to warmth, whether or not it’s from a microwave or an everyday oven. Vitamin C is maybe the clearest instance. 

“However as a result of microwave cooking instances are shorter, cooking with a microwave does a greater job of preserving vitamin C and different vitamins that break down when heated.”

So what are you ready for?

Anyday cookware is Accessible on-line at: Costs range from: $69.96 – $229.95.

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