“Do not retailer potatoes and onions collectively. Potatoes will rot rapidly if saved with onions.”

I’m somebody who persistently overcooks meat, and till very just lately, put my wood spoons and chopping boards within the dishwasher.

And I am conscious “cooking suggestions and hacks” exist, however I really feel like I’ve heard all of them and all the time promptly neglect them after I step foot within the kitchen.

However just lately, I found this Quora thread asking, “What are some cooking tips or hacks?” I can not imagine what number of of those I’ve by no means heard of, and the very best half? I actually really feel like I realized one thing! Listed here are a few of the finest ones.


“Put a moist paper towel below a chopping board. Not solely are chopping boards that slide on the counter annoying, they’re extraordinarily harmful if you’re holding a knife and attempting to cut one thing. Moist a paper towel, lay it below the board, and it will not budge!”

Karen Lawson


“To evade disagreeable odor from cabbage, add a chunk of crushed ginger together with cabbage and boil.”


Sakchai Vongsasiripat / Getty Photos


“Eradicating the garlic odor from palms: After you might be achieved working with garlic, all the time rub your palms on a chrome steel sink for about 30 seconds with all of your vitality earlier than washing them. This can assist eliminate the odor.”

Aditi Khurana


“Preserve some cloves in your sugar jar. Ants are usually not going to disturb you!”

Shweta Sarma


“Meat will likely be softer whether it is moistened with vodka earlier than cooking (my grandmother’s suggestion).”

Jessica Thomas


“Microwave an ear of corn and it will fall proper out of the husk.”

Athiya Shetty


“In case you are roasting a pork tenderloin, your meat will likely be on the fireplace for not more than an hour or two. For those who’re grilling a steak, the steak will prepare dinner for quarter-hour or much less utilizing customary strategies. That isn’t sufficient time for the salt in your rub to penetrate by way of the meat. Seasoning the meat half an hour prematurely isn’t sufficient time, both. Dry-brining in a single day with kosher salt, Himalayan salt, or sea salt flakes is simple to do. Give the salt extra time to penetrate by way of the meat, and your reward will likely be a unbelievable taste. You’ll be able to style the distinction.”

Kiernan McAlpine

Seastock / Getty Photos/iStockphoto


“Take away seeds from greens akin to squash and pumpkin with an ice cream scoop. As a result of the sting of the inside track is sharp, it cuts by way of the fibery, gooey stuff contained in the squash simpler than your hand or an everyday spoon can.”

Srilekha Tripathi


“Save bacon fats. It ought to be a sin to waste bacon fats, against the law, the truth is. It really works nice for eggs, cornbread, roux, baked beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and lots of different meals as a taste enhancer.”



“View recipes as pointers, not guidelines. Experiment. For those who like garlic, add extra. Meals is a private choice. There aren’t any guidelines that ought to field you in. Be artistic.”

Garrick Saito


“If you’d like a wealthy coloration to your gravy, use [a] pinch of sugar. It is going to caramelize upon heating and provides a wealthy coloration to your dish”

Pavithra Ashok


“Guacamole is scrumptious, however it may be a bit difficult to protect. It goes brown and in addition modifications taste when it’s uncovered to oxygen. If you wish to forestall this, you may put your leftover guacamole in a container, after which add a skinny layer of water to the highest. The water acts as a protecting barrier, and prevents the guacamole from reacting with the oxygen within the air. Pour the water out of the container when you’re able to eat it. The guacamole will keep inexperienced and scrumptious.”

Vinita Sharma

Tatiana Malkova / Getty Photos/iStockphoto


“Ice cream can get rock arduous within the freezer and it takes ages to thaw out simply sufficient you can eat it. A easy trick to maintain it simply the fitting consistency is to place the container in a plastic Ziplock bag earlier than throwing it within the freezer.”

Rohit Pillai


“When you are purchasing for avocados, how have you learnt whether or not an avocado is simply too ripe or simply proper? For those who sneakily pop off the stem, you may have a look at the colour beneath. An avocado that’s too ripe will likely be brown below the stem, and will likely be ineffective to only about everybody. An avocado that’s excellent will likely be inexperienced beneath the stem. Make certain you’re looking at comparatively darkish avocados to start with (the lighter inexperienced ones are under-ripe).”

Anu Sharma


“Brown sugar likes to compact, and when it does, it could actually change into as arduous as a brick. If you find yourself baking, you don’t need to waste time making your brown sugar comfortable once more. You’ll be able to forestall your brown sugar from going arduous by merely storing it with a chunk of bread…Alternatively, you may as well use a marshmallow.”

Swathi Reddy

Yuri Arcurs / Getty Photos/Tetra pictures RF


“I really feel an important normal rule is that when a recipe designates a warmth setting it’s virtually assuredly based mostly on a gasoline flame and never an electrical heating aspect. Opposite to well-liked perception they’re positively not the identical. You’ll want to modify the warmth in response to what you see and try to perform.”

Andrew Lambert


“Roll lemons and oranges on the countertop with the palm of your hand. Making them softer and hotter will provide you with extra juice when juicing them. In the event that they had been simply out of the fridge, put them in scorching water for a minute or two first.”

Neil Russo


“Don’t prepare dinner issues to a mash except it’s child meals. Preserve the crunch in greens.”

Deepa Shankar


“When making a fruit salad, put the banana and the apples down and the remainder of the fruit above them [so they don’t] get brown. Sprinkle a spoon or two of sugar or honey on the highest and depart it within the fridge until it’s time to serve. Now, combine the whole lot and add some contemporary juice to complement the style of it if its pure juice wasn’t sufficient.”

Amany Fawzy


“A splash of acid (lemon juice, white wine or pink wine vinegar) normally lifts marinades and is nice to complete a dish with slightly zing”

Kim Greene


“Including few drops of oil to rice earlier than cooking it should forestall it from turning into sticky.”



“Issues can get messy in case you are chopping a very giant cake and solely have a small knife, however even issues like cheese and Swiss rolls could be tough to chop exactly. You need to use dental floss to make fast and exact cuts and keep away from the difficulty.”

Ajay Jena


“If a curry or sauce is simply too spicy, add some potatoes, cream, tomato sauce, or coconut milk to steadiness it. You may as well add water and simmer it down, however it should take time. Including potatoes or water work for an excessive amount of salt as properly.”

Tina Tom


“Use a thumb tack to poke a gap in an [egg] shell and create superior boiled eggs.”

Vineet Sharma


“Including cashew paste can add further richness to the gravy.”



“Let potatoes sit in cool water for about half an hour, or rapidly blanch them earlier than frying. This removes starch and helps maintain the fries crispier for longer.”

Johnathan Law


“Cookbook authors repeatedly lie in regards to the time it takes to caramelize onions. It takes 45 minutes, or 4 hours within the crockpot.”

Allison Michael

D. Sharon Pruitt Pink Sherbet Ph / Getty Photos


“Don’t retailer tomatoes within the fridge; this makes them mealy, and utterly modifications their taste profile. Plus, they may final for much longer on a kitchen window sill than they ever will when saved within the fridge. There are literally quite a few produce gadgets that fall on this identical class.”

Chris Tavano


“That incredible style you generally get at Italian eating places? A lot of it’s they roast the tomatoes at 425 levels. At that warmth, the sugar inside caramelizes and creates a large depth of taste. Severely: roast cherry or plum tomatoes (best measurement to make use of), and the style change will blow your thoughts.”

Jonathan Kurtzman


“When cooking for a bunch, do not use new recipes. Ensure you have achieved a apply run first! Additionally, in case you are having a celebration, select dishes which are principally ‘make forward’ so you may socialize.”

Ariane Woods

The Good Brigade / Getty Photos


“Season and style your meals as you prepare dinner, not simply on the finish. I’m amazed by how many individuals (and recipes) season on the finish of cooking solely. Spices launch oils when warmed up, permitting all of these flavors to combine when you’re cooking, bringing a greater depth of taste. You want slightly salt when sautéing greens to assist launch the juices within the veggies. And style as you go. You’ll be able to appropriate a number of blunders early on, however not when you don’t catch them.”

Howard Jabroni


“The toaster oven is not only for toast. My husband likes roasting greens in ours. Toss them with a little bit of oil and put them in a shallow pan on the ‘broil’ setting for about 10 minutes.”

Kaliope Llane


“Take a newspaper, moist it utilizing water, and make a ball of it and put it in the midst of the fridge. Take it out after six or seven hours, and the scent will likely be gone.”

Palak Chitkara


“Do not retailer potatoes and onions collectively. Potatoes will rot rapidly if saved with onions.”



“Grind some salt in a mixer or grinder to make sure their blades are sharp and work for very long time.”

Bhavana Mali


“When cooking a casserole, begin with it coated to prepare dinner by way of. It gained’t dry out this fashion. About 15–20 minutes earlier than the cooking is to be accomplished, pull it out, sprinkle on a little bit of shredded cheese or breadcrumbs combined with melted butter (or each), and put it again within the oven uncovered for the remainder of the cooking time.”

LL Canales


“I need this to return throughout far stronger than a tip or hack, however each time you might be cooking to make certain that the handles are usually not stating over the sting of the range or counter. This is applicable to each case, particularly in case you are heating oil or water.”

Jim Smith


“Preserve some contemporary mint leaves in [the freezer]. It is going to take away odors.”

Himadri Sarma

Mattiaphotocarchidi / Getty Photos


“The following time you could have the braveness to face your pans after having dried in a single day with a multitude on them, put two tablespoons of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of water in, and produce it to simmer. The vinegar will eat by way of the mess in a matter of minutes.”

Indigo Arya


“Gently add ice to an already poured soda to retain extra carbonation.”

Christopher Stanton


“When making pasta, wait so as to add the salt till the water begins to boil. Saltwater has a better boiling level and a better particular warmth, so it should take longer and makes use of extra vitality to warmth than if we add it when it begins to boil.”

Al Noman


“Once I’m cooking a recipe that calls for lots of various spices (chopped ginger, peppers, onions, and many others.), I exploit empty yogurt cups. I simply measure the whole lot into yogurt cups and stack them within the order I will be utilizing them. Issues that get added on the identical time, go into the identical cup. Then as I am cooking, I simply need to seize the highest cup, add, and I am prepared for the subsequent ingredient. And naturally, I stack the empties on prime of one another as they’re used. I by no means get midway by way of a recipe and uncover I am lacking a vital ingredient or have issues burn as I am frantically attempting to get the highest off and measure the subsequent spice. My counter stays clear and uncluttered, and it is simple to only rinse out the yogurt cups for the subsequent spherical.”


Garsya / Getty Photos/iStockphoto


“Really, I feel my finest hack is rotisserie rooster from supermarkets. They make nice salads, sandwiches, and at last, rooster noodle soup. The rooster could be additionally utilized in casseroles.”

Lucy Shupe


“Use an ice cream scoop to make superb cookies which are of identical measurement.”

Latika Sharma


“When a recipe calls so that you can coat a baking dish with a cooking spray, open your dishwasher and place the dish on the door. Then you may spray away, and any over-shots will get washed away together with your subsequent load.”

Jan Kirschke

Nature, Meals, Panorama, Journey / Getty Photos/iStockphoto


“Tomato paste: I hate leaving the remainder of the can within the fridge to ultimately flip dangerous. So I put the remaining in a small freezer bag, flatten the bag, and put within the freezer. Saves house and the tomato paste to be used later.”

Chris Cu


“When you are deep frying, use a tong to carry every little bit of meals as you toss it into the oil. Ensure you maintain it below the floor of the oil previous to releasing it. By doing so, the outside will likely be sealed which suggests that it’ll not stick with the pot or to the meals as properly.”

Thara Merrygold


“Sous vide cheaper steak cuts into costly ones. Sous vide is the method of enclosing meals (usually steak) in [food-safe] vacuum-packed polyethylene and gradual cooking at a low temperature. Cheaper-cut steak is usually bought already vacuum-packed. Stick the unopened pack into your Crock Pot, cowl with water, and set to low for an hour earlier than you fry it. It removes toughness and makes rump (virtually) style like sirloin.”

David Haigh

Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Photos


“My husband’s grandmother used to say this: ‘If you do not know what to prepare dinner for dinner, chop an onion. By the point you have completed, you may know what you need to make and you will in all probability want the chopped onion.'”

Cyndy Hammond


“Opposite to well-liked perception, meats (together with steaks and burgers) prepare dinner quicker and extra evenly in the event that they’re flipped usually. Moderately than trying to prepare dinner it by heating one aspect intensely whereas the opposite aspect is chilly, leading to a big temperature differential, repeatedly flipping the meat ends in either side heating slowly and evenly, with the warmth spreading by way of the meat from either side to the middle.”

Dan Rose


“Until you’re making bread, any time a recipe calls so that you can add water, add a unique liquid with extra taste. For instance, if a bean recipe calls so that you can add water, add some broth as a substitute or another tasty liquid with a taste affinity to the dish you might be making ready.”

Andrew Morlini


“I’d assume an important tip can be measuring flour accurately. Flour may be very compactable. Relying how you set your flour in your cup measure, you could find yourself getting considerably totally different quantities by weight every time. Spooning flour right into a cup measure is the right culinary manner. For those who dip the cup, you’ll compress the flour manner an excessive amount of, leading to harder drier baked items.”

Charlie Ryan


“Use a potato peeler to make chocolate peels for garnish.”

Sakshi Mundra


Lastly, “Discover a semi-complicated stew recipe and make it ’til you rock it out. Then, make it till you perceive each step and why you need to undergo it. You don’t need to do it each night time, strive as soon as every week. Why a stew? As a result of it should train you a number of the fundamentals of nice cooking.”

Roscoe Giuriati

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