Once I was rising up, potatoes have been part of each dinner. My dad was a real meat and potatoes fan.  It was alike a meal requirement. No pasta, just a few sort of potato dish.

My mother was sort of a potato cooking professional. My favourite potato dishes have been her Potato Au Gratin, and her sea salt baked potato. Each tasted as in the event that they got here from a restaurant.

Sidenote, my monther-in-law makes THE most wonderful potato salad. At a picnic, I’ve actually needed to cease myself from consuming the whole bowl of her scrumptious potato salad.

The one factor that neither of them appeared to grasp was the proper place to retailer their potatoes. Every of them would spend a number of time eradicating the eyes of the potatoes.

So, the place do you retailer them so potatoes will not sprout eyes?

Are you able to retailer potatoes within the fridge?

In line with nidirect.gov.uk, no.

Placing potatoes within the fridge can enhance the quantity of sugar they comprise, and result in greater ranges of a chemical referred to as acrylamide when the potatoes are baked, fried, or roasted at excessive temperatures.

Are you able to freeze potatoes?


Potatoes do not freeze effectively uncooked, so they may must be cooked or partially cooked beforehand. – bbcgoodfood.com

What’s the absolute best method to retailer potatoes?

Realsimple.com says it is truly fairly straightforward.

The important thing to creating your potatoes final is to maintain them in a cool, dry, darkish place. Some ideally suited storing choices embody the pantry, a cardboard field, or a brown paper bag. If you need your spuds to really thrive for so long as potential, maintain them in a well-ventilated space that is about 50 levels, and ensure they don’t seem to be uncovered to daylight. When potatoes get an excessive amount of solar, they produce a poisonous compound referred to as solanine. Solanine could make potatoes bitter, inedible, and doubtlessly nausea-inducing.

Does storing potatoes in a cool, darkish place maintain them from sprouting?

Sure, it does, in response to food52.com.

Storing potatoes in a cool, darkish (however not forgotten) place vastly decelerates this inevitable decomposition, protects in opposition to sprouting, and, to some extent, sweetens the tubers. It is also necessary to not retailer potatoes and onions collectively.

Now, all I would like are the recipes and pictures of your favourite potato dishes.

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