Comply with this plan for per week to start out consuming like a centenarian. There aren’t any beneficial portion sizes or calorie counts on the blue zones weight-reduction plan — simply be aware and eat till you’re now not hungry however not till you might be full. Since folks within the blue zones eat meat solely sparingly, we’ve included vegetarian recipes right here.

Day 1

Breakfast Oatmeal with berries and nuts

Lunch Sardinian-style pizza

Snack Handful of nuts

Dinner Hearty minestrone soup

Day 2

Breakfast Candy potato hash with veggies

Lunch Black bean burger with lettuce and tomato on sourdough

Snack A handful of blended nuts

Dinner Tofu steak with mushrooms

Day 3

Breakfast Banana nut smoothie

Lunch Grain bowl with veggies and beans

Snack Miso soup with veggies

Dinner Ratatouille

Day 4

Breakfast Granola with nuts and fruit

Lunch Black bean and potato soup

Snack Roasted chickpeas

Dinner Ceviche with hearts of palm, onion, pepper, and cilantro

Day 5

Breakfast Tropical fruit salad with nuts and coconut

Lunch Butternut squash soup

Snack Black bean dip with crudité

Dinner Vegetarian gumbo

Day 6

Breakfast Veggie hash with corn and onions

Lunch Cream of pumpkin soup with soy milk and pepitas

Snack Hummus with veggies

Dinner Lentil salad with garlic and herbs

Day 7

Breakfast Banana-berry smoothie with soy milk

Lunch Jackfruit poke

Snack Coconut chia pudding with almonds

Dinner Porcini mushroom risotto

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