Deborah Gallagher

Like most individuals, I grew up consuming meat. It was simply what everybody did — together with my household and everybody else’s household I knew.

I met my first vegetarian throughout my freshman 12 months of school. She was a pleasant sufficient individual, and I wrote her vegetarianism off as one thing of a quirk or gentle eccentricity. In brief, I didn’t give it lots of thought. No less than not consciously.

Quick ahead a few years to a day in 1998 after I occurred throughout an article in The Atlantic journal entitled, “May Mad-Cow Illness Occur Right here?” The article mentioned Nice Britain’s current epidemic of Mad-Cow illness that necessitated the slaughter of three.7 million cattle.

That was troubling, however what actually captured my consideration was the truth that Nice Britain additionally positioned a ban on the sale of sure cuts of beef. Why? As a result of 27 individuals had contracted a variant of Mad-Cow illness often known as Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Illness by consuming beef merchandise.

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