Cornbread, regardless of the identify, is just not strictly a bread; it isn’t leavened with yeast. Nevertheless, its significance, notably within the American South, as a meals staple can’t be overstated. It’s the automated escort to any variety of Southern dishes and is prepared to absorb juices with aplomb. 

There’s additionally an enormous regional division right here. Within the South, cornbread is usually savory and deeply browned, with little or no — if any — sugar. Within the North it often is way more cakelike and smooth. That is, partially, because of variations of obtainable materials, however it’s also a mirrored image of how this baked good is utilized in every part of the nation. Within the South it is more likely to be served as a part of a decidedly savory dinner. As Feast Magazine notes, within the North, it is extra frequent to come across it as a snack and even as a muffin.

Cornbread, because of not needing to fuss round with yeast, can also be very simple to make. It comes collectively rapidly and its distinctly corn-forward taste is welcome on a desk groaning with Southern specialties. Many cooks prefer to cook dinner their cornbread in a cast iron skillet, the heavy steel retains warmth very nicely and permits for the formation of a severe — and severely browned — crust. This interprets to a extra savory, tastier completed product. The true execs coat the skillet with bacon fats first, for an additional hit of smoky, porky goodness.

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