turkey on smoker after one hour

Brining and Seasoning your turkey

A part of my fast thaw methodology consists of brining the turkey. Whereas that is non-obligatory, it ends in the most effective, most juicy chicken you possibly can create. My brine recipe is tremendous easy, too. It’s simply water, kosher salt, sugar and turkey rub

Relating to seasoning your chicken, take into consideration what you’re going to do with the pulled turkey. Don’t gravitate to only Thanksgiving flavors. My turkey rub recipe is de facto impartial. For those who use it as a base, you possibly can add any form of seasoning or sauce after the prepare dinner.

It consists of kosher salt, lemon pepper, granulated garlic, smoked paprika and dried thyme. 

Greatest Wooden for Smoking Turkey

Now that your turkey is thawed, brined and seasoned, it’s time to smoke it.  

Turkey is extra delicate that beef and pork, so I like to make use of extra delicate woods like pecan or apple. And I nearly at all times throw in a single chunk of cherry wooden, as a result of I prefer it’s sweetness and the way it helps create amber turkey pores and skin. 

Find out how to Smoke a Turkey

You’ll see turkey recipes everywhere in the web with completely different prepare dinner temps. Some go as little as 225F levels, whereas others prepare dinner at 325F and better. When cooking turkey within the oven, 325F is fairly normal.

I personally discover 275F to be a candy spot for all types of various proteins, and turkey is not any completely different. It’s low sufficient to impart loads of smoke, whereas being excessive sufficient to scale back the prepare dinner time considerably.

You may place the turkey straight on the grill rack, however I choose putting it in a disposable pan on a v-shaped rack. Then, I add two cups of water to the pan to generate much more moisture. 

Do you see the theme right here? Brining = moisture. Water tub = moisture. And I’ve two extra moisture-locking steps arising. 

You need to use any form of grill to make smoked pulled turkey – a kettle, ceramic cooker, pellet grill, even a gasoline grill. Simply ensure that the turkey is over the oblique warmth. And when you’re utilizing a grill the place the warmth is coming from one facet – like a gasoline grill or smaller kettle, rotate the chicken all through the prepare dinner, so either side prepare dinner evenly. 

How lengthy will it take the turkey to prepare dinner

When smoking a turkey at 275F levels, it’ll take about 20 minutes per pound for the turkey breast to achieve an inner temperature of 160F.

The USDA recommends cooking turkey to 165F levels, however due to the subsequent step, there can be carryover cooking that can take the turkey into the zone. That’s why I pull it off at 160F.

brush basting butter on a smoked turkey

All through the prepare dinner, about each hour or so, baste the turkey with melted butter. Be light. You don’t wish to brush off all the turkey rub. As a substitute, let the butter drizzle onto the meat after which pat it with the basting brush. 

Basting it’ll assist create a scrumptious pores and skin and … you guessed it … it’ll assist maintain the turkey moist. 

smoked turkey in bag in towel in cooler

The ultimate step to locking in moisture

You’ve put in a lot work to create a succulent smoked turkey. Now, there’s only one extra step. 

Whenever you purchase rotisserie rooster on the grocery, it’s often bought in a plastic bag or plastic container. Guess what? This helps lock in that moisture, so we’re going to do the identical factor.

After smoking the turkey, take away it to a brine bag and place it in a cooler with out ice – identical to you’ll for a brisket.

Wrap it in a towel, and let it relaxation for an hour. Throughout this course of, the juices are going to redistribute again into the meat. It’s the identical purpose you let a steak relaxation for 10-Quarter-hour. 

Greatest Technique to Pull Meat on a Turkey

Congratulations! You simply smoked a turkey. Positive you might carve it up such as you would for Thanksgiving, however you’re right here, since you’re prepared for a unique journey. 

It’s time to tug the turkey. 

Take away it from the cooler. Placed on a pair of glove liners lined by a pair of latex gloves.

I like utilizing gloves to tug turkey, as an alternative of forks, so I might be certain all of the small bones and items of cartilage are eliminated.

I begin with the breasts. Pull them away from the spine and place them in a pan. You may shred some into items and go away some in bigger chunks, relying in your last dish. Subsequent, pull off the legs. They want somewhat further consideration, as a result of there are tendons that run alongside the bone. You wish to be certain none of these find yourself within the pan with the pulled turkey. 

Subsequent, I’m going for the thighs, adopted by the wings and another items I can pull off. You may maintain the darkish and chicken separated, when you like, however I choose to mix them, as a result of the darkish meat is richer and juicier. The combo gives a pleasant stability of taste and texture. I additionally like so as to add in somewhat of the pan drippings and a bit extra rub. 

How a lot pulled turkey meat you’ll find yourself with

A 20-pound turkey, is mostly sufficient for 20 servings, however that doesn’t imply you’ll find yourself with 20 kilos of pulled turkey. 

Once I smoked this 20-pound chicken, I ended up with practically 6 kilos of meat. You will get somewhat extra when you’re actually diligent when pulling it. Nevertheless, I’m okay with leaving somewhat, so once I boil the bones, I get somewhat meat with my broth. 

One pound of smoked pulled turkey equals about 3 1/2-4 cups of meat. I save every pound in quart-size zip-top baggage, so that they’re prepared for future meals. 

Are you able to freeze pulled turkey

Completely. You’re going to finish up with 5-7 baggage of smoked pulled turkey. Though you might be actually numerous with the dishes you make with it, you could not wish to eat turkey back-to-back-to-back.

So place just a few baggage within the freezer. It’s going to keep scrumptious for as much as six months. When it’s time to make use of a bag, place it within the fridge the day earlier than to thaw.

Along with 1-pound baggage of turkey, I additionally wish to freeze snack-size baggage for fast, on-the-go protein snacks. The canines love these, too. 

How lengthy are you able to save pulled turkey?

For those who’re not freezing your turkey, it may be saved within the fridge for 3-4 days.

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