Q: I’ve been experiencing migraines for years and years, with little assist from drugs. Final week, I used to be on the drugstore to choose up a prescription after I developed one of many typical precursors to my migraines.

After receiving my meds on the pharmacy counter, I finished on the ice cream counter on the best way out. I acquired a scoop of orange sherbet, hoping that it would by some means assist.

Nicely, wouldn’t you recognize, inside 10 minutes of getting my chilly dessert, my headache was virtually gone. As we speak, sitting at my desk at dwelling, I began to really feel the stress on my head and neck that’s a migraine warning. This time, I used to be ready!

I skipped to the kitchen, the place I’ve stocked up on orange sherbet, and actually doused my headache out with a few chilly scoops. It’s a pleasant deal with!

A: Eleven years in the past, we first heard from a reader with weather-related migraine complications: “After popping ache tablets all day with no aid, why does consuming spoonfuls of chocolate peanut butter ice cream take the ache instantly?”

Since then, now we have heard from many others that inducing “mind freeze” (sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia) can usually interrupt a migraine assault. Researchers have found that TRP (transient receptor potential) channels on the nerves are concerned within the growth of migraine ache (Neuroscience Letters, Jan. 18, 2022). TRP channels are vital for sensing temperature. Apparently, activating them with chilly early within the course of resulting in a migraine could assist to reverse it for some folks.

To be taught extra about such treatments, you might want to learn our eGuide to “Complications & Migraines.” This on-line useful resource is obtainable underneath the Well being eGuides tab at PeoplesPharmacy.com.

Q: After I caught a head chilly whereas touring, my physician informed me to take echinacea the day earlier than getting on a aircraft, the day on the aircraft and for sooner or later afterward. I’ve adopted this recommendation for years and by no means caught a chilly on an airplane since.

A: We’re informed that air filtration techniques on airplanes are superb. That mentioned, touring may be anxious. You additionally are available contact with heaps of people that is likely to be shedding viruses.

Echinacea is a well-liked natural therapy that has antiviral exercise. It might additionally assist stimulate the immune system to assist combat off chilly or flu infections. There’s a potential danger of interactions with prescription drugs, comparable to amiodarone, carbamazepine, felodipine, methotrexate and sildenafil. At all times test with a doctor and pharmacist to keep away from harmful mixtures.

Q: A good friend informed us about topical castor oil for ache aid. My husband thought he’d want a knee alternative quickly, however as soon as he began making use of castor oil every day, his joint is oiled up and able to use.

I’ve informed pals, who used it on their foot or wrist. When my arthritis is performing up, I apply it to my hip. It’s actually useful.

A: Readers of this column have been telling us for years that topical software of castor oil might be helpful towards arthritis ache. The famed Christian mystic Edgar Cayce promoted the usage of castor oil “packs.” He used it for fungal infections, irritation and wound therapeutic. The energetic ingredient, ricinoleic acid, has been proven to have some anti-inflammatory exercise in animal analysis (European Journal of Pharmacology, Oct. 27, 2000).

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