In the event you’ve ever used a juicer you then’ll know that it may be arduous work retaining it clear. Nonetheless, whilst you could also be persuaded that there is plenty of causes to maintain your juicer, you are little question going to welcome a wholesome inexperienced elixir that you would be able to make extra simply. Welcome to the fantastic world of simple cucumber juice the place all you want is a blender. Wholesome and stuffed with refreshing vitamins, there are many cucumber juices on the market, corresponding to A Couple Cooks‘ recipe which recommends mixing cucumber with apple for some sweetness or celery. Different components so as to add to a easy cucumber juice are ginger, greens, and zesty lemon and lime, whereas pineapple and pear additionally complement the flavour. 

A prime tip is to make use of an English cucumber as a substitute of a slicing cucumber for this explicit recipe. As The Spruce Eats notes, the English cucumber has thinner peel and smaller seeds, so it does not must be peeled, retaining all that goodness within the juice. A slicing cucumber, however, has thicker pores and skin and larger seeds, plus it boasts a extra bitter taste. 

To show a blended cucumber drink that is thick and mushy right into a juice, the hot button is to make use of a sieve or suchlike to pressure the combination and separate the pulp from the juice. It is a drink finest served chilled. 

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