What you want for the chilly water thawing technique

As a substitute of thawing your turkey for a number of days within the fridge, an alternative choice is to thaw it in chilly water. The chilly water technique will take about half-hour per pound, and you will want to guarantee that any person goes to be residence for a number of hours, since you’ll want to vary out the water each half-hour.

You additionally must just be sure you can dedicate a cooler or sink to the method for that period of time.

Use a container giant sufficient to carry your turkey and sufficient water to make sure it’s absolutely submerged. That might be a sink, cooler, 5 gallon bucket or a brining bucket with a holding lid.

In the event you’re utilizing a container with no holding lid, you might discover that the turkey will float. So you’ll want to have one thing to carry it down. You need to use one thing so simple as a bowl crammed with water or a heavy pan lid.

allow 30 minutes thaw time per pound of turkey in cold water

The sensible strategy to rapidly and safely thaw a turkey

Okay. You now know the sluggish fridge technique and the sooner chilly water technique. Now, I’m going to provide the sensible technique on your yard barbecue. With this system, you don’t have to attend 5 days, and also you don’t must nurse a chilly water bathtub for 10 hours.

As a substitute, purchase your frozen turkey Thursday night time and place it within the fridge on a rimmed sheet pan or in a cooler of ice. Let it thaw in that chilly surroundings (lower than 40F levels) for a great 36 hours. Bear in mind, you want 24 hours for each 4-5 kilos of frozen turkey. So in case you thaw it for 36 hours, you’ve thawed about 7 kilos of the turkey.

Along with that, you’re going to brine it for one more 8-12 hours, in order that counts for one more couple kilos of thaw time. In order that’s round 9 kilos of thaw time accounted for.

If you get up Saturday, transition to the chilly water technique. Fill your sink with chilly faucet water and add the turkey. No matter weight your fowl is, subtract that by 7 kilos plus the quantity of kilos that may thaw in the course of the brine. Then, do the chilly water technique for half-hour per pound remaining. (Sorry to provide you a loopy math downside). The under chart will assist.

chart showing thaw times for fridge, brine and cold water

Bear in mind, you have to change out the chilly water each half-hour. Throughout that final half-hour, make your turkey brine.

turkey innards, neck and plastic

Then, take away the turkey from the water. Take it out of the packaging, take away the giblets and plastic items, and place the turkey within the brine. Place it again within the fridge or a cooler, sustaining a temperature under 40F levels.

bucket in fridge with turkey brining

You’ll end the thawing course of and brine your fowl all on the similar time, so while you get up Sunday morning, you possibly can smoke a superbly juicy turkey, leaving you with tons of recipe choices for the remainder of the week.

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