Steaming your leftover crawfish is a straightforward approach to get a daring taste and nice style from day-old crawfish. Based on Recipe Marker, you may want 4 important kitchen objects and round 5 minutes of reheating time for the steaming methodology. Collect your leftover crawfish seasoning spices, a pair of tongs, a steamer basket, and a pot with a lid to start.

The seasoning spices are non-compulsory for reheating crawfish however selecting so as to add them provides your crustaceans taste they might lose through the steaming course of, says Recipe Marker. First, sprinkle the spices on the backside of the pot, then add water. Place the steamer basket within the pot and make sure the water does not contact the underside of the steamer. Carry the water to a boil, gently place the crawfish into the basket, and canopy the pot with the lid. Permit the crawfish to steam for about 5 minutes, then take a peek to see if they’re heat sufficient. If not, Recipe Marker suggests permitting the “bugs” to steam for 45-minutes longer or till they attain the specified temperature. Fastidiously take away the crawfish from the pot with the tongs, and revel in!

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