• I made scrambled eggs utilizing completely different well-known tricks and a few methods I had by no means heard of.
  • Microwaving and baking the dish within the oven have been the worst strategies, as they made the eggs rubbery.
  • Mixing boiling and room temperature water with the uncooked eggs made them gentle, bouncy, and scrumptious.

It appears that evidently nearly everyone has their own special method to make scrambled eggs — there are such a lot of methods to alter the flavour and texture.

I like to throw scrambled eggs on breakfast sandwiches or combine them with veggies, however I had by no means discovered the perfect technique to get a delicate texture that is not too moist or dry.

So, I made a decision to strive a mixture of straightforward and extra distinctive tips for making the basic breakfast.

I first tried the ‘low-and-slow’ technique, a method I’ve really examined earlier than

Eggs are mixed in spatula in a pan

I made a decision to strive cooking my eggs on low warmth first.

Paige Bennett

I’ve beforehand tried making scrambled eggs on very low warmth for a protracted period of time à la Tyler Florence’s recipe. Chrissy Teigen’s method is similar in that she makes a really delicate scramble by cooking eggs over the bottom warmth for 20 to half-hour.

I adopted this similar technique, and my eggs took about 30 minutes before they were solid sufficient to maneuver from pan to plate. Nevertheless, their orange, gooey look put me off, and I could not deliver myself to take a chunk.

Runny, orange eggs sit on a plate on a black table

The eggs have been finished after about half-hour, however they have been too moist for me.

Paige Bennett

Moist scrambled eggs should not for me, and the orange shade these took on from a very long time over warmth, sadly, made them actually unappealing to me.

The outcomes from incorporating boiling water shocked me probably the most

Ribbons of scrambled eggs in a pot of boiling water with a lid

The eggs changed into ribbons as they cooked from the boiling water.

Paige Bennett

This method appeared like one of many weirdest tips of the bunch as a result of it concerned mixing a bowl of boiling water in order that it swirled — like a whirlpool — after which pouring in whisked eggs.

I did simply that, and the eggs immediately firmed up into delicate ribbons. This regarded fairly gross, to be sincere, however it was additionally enjoyable to look at it occur.

I used a small strainer to tug the eggs out of the water, positioned them in a bowl, and topped them with just a little butter, salt, and pepper.

Scrambled eggs in a blue bowl with pepper and a pad of butter sit on a wooden table

In added some butter, salt, and pepper for taste.

Paige Bennett

The outcome was so spectacular as the eggs were so light and bouncy, and not too dry or wet either. They weren’t rubbery in any respect, and including a little bit of butter on high made them wealthy and creamy.

Cleansing the combination out of the strainer was just a little messy, and I needed to blot some additional water out of the eggs, however it was value it. The eggs had an amazing style and texture, and as soon as the water was boiling, they took simply seconds to prepare dinner.

The writer holds a sandwich with scrambled eggs and a few bites taken out of it over a blue plate

I made positive to place cheese on my sandwich so the moisture from the eggs did not make the bread soggy.

Paige Bennett

As a result of these scrambled eggs held some water even after straining, I wasn’t sure that they’d hold up on a breakfast sandwich, so I used a bit of cheese as a barrier to forestall the eggs from making the bread moist. This labored like a allure.

Including a splash of plain water was one of many best tricks to observe

The writer pours water out of a measuring cup into a bowl of raw mixed eggs and a whisk

I added a splash of water to the eggs as I whisked them.

Paige Bennett

This tip is as straightforward because it will get — and free. I just added a splash of plain water to my eggs earlier than whisking and cooking them.

These eggs got here out simply how I like them, totally cooked and fluffy with out being moist or runny. I wanted so as to add extra salt, however the total taste was nonetheless good.

Bright yellow scrambled eggs on a white plate on a wooden table

This technique was one of many best methods to make fluffy, tasty eggs.

Paige Bennett

This technique is tremendous straightforward, the eggs are finished very quickly, and I all the time have this secret ingredient readily available.

Cooking within the microwave gave the eggs a spongy, unappealing texture

Half-cooked eggs in a blue bowl with runny, raw eggs in the middle and pepper sprinkled over mixture

I microwaved the eggs in 30-second intervals.

Paige Bennett

After I consider microwaved eggs, I consider a dry, rubbery texture, which is precisely what this method gave me.

I began by whisking the eggs, milk, and seasoning collectively in a microwave-safe mug. I microwaved the eggs for 30 seconds at a time, they usually took about two minutes to fully prepare dinner.

Rubbery-looking scrambled eggs in a blue bowl on wooden table

The eggs got here out dry and rubbery.

Paige Bennett

In a pinch, these could be nice as a result of they cooked rapidly, required few elements, and have been straightforward to make. Bread additionally masked the not-so-great texture.

Making this dish within the sluggish cooker took an hour, however the eggs turned out nice

A single layer of bright-yellow eggs in black slow-cooker pot

The eggs took about an hour earlier than they have been finished.

Paige Bennett

This slow-cooker possibility yields plenty of scrambled eggs, making it ideal for meal prepping or serving a crowd. Although slow-cooker recipes usually take a very long time till they’re finished, the eggs solely wanted an hour.

I minimize this recipe down a bit, and used six eggs, simply shy of a cup of cream, and a couple of cup of mozzarella cheese. I whisked these elements collectively whereas a tablespoon of butter melted within the sluggish cooker. Then I simply poured within the eggs, coated the pot, and allow them to prepare dinner on excessive for an hour.

Fully-cooked eggs in a slow-cooker pot. Eggs are folded over to reveal browned area of eggs that was against the pot

The underside of the eggs turned fairly brown, however they tasted good.

Paige Bennett

This technique shocked and impressed me as a result of the eggs were very light, soft, and fluffy. The one draw back is that the underside bought fairly brown, however the taste was nonetheless very buttery and tacky.

In addition they did not follow the slow-cooker pot in any respect, making for straightforward cleanup.

Chunks of scrambled eggs, some areas browned, on a white plate

I might positively do this technique of cooking eggs once more.

Paige Bennett

This technique was a lot simpler than cooking plenty of eggs on the range, so I am going to positively be making an attempt this once more after I want bigger parts of scrambled eggs — however subsequent time, I am going to be sure you hold the warmth at low or medium.

The oven technique can also be meant to serve a crowd, however it did not impress me

White mug with scrambled eggs molded into shape with pepper mixed in

I altered the recipe to make scrambled eggs for one.

Paige Bennett

Making scrambled eggs in the oven can also be meant to prepare dinner massive parts for a crowd in a brief period of time.

This recipe referred to as for twenty-four eggs and a big dish, however I scaled it down to 1 serving in a smaller, oven-safe ceramic mug.

Circular-shaped piece of scrambled egg cut in half and on piece of bread on blue plate on wooden table

The eggs got here out too dry for my style.

Paige Bennett

The eggs, particularly the sides, got here out dry and rubbery. Whether or not I am making a single serving or cooking for a number of individuals, I would not flip to the oven to make scrambled eggs once more.

The cocktail-shaker technique was okay, however it was too messy for me

Foamy raw eggs in a metal cocktail shaker

I put the eggs in a cocktail shaker in hopes that they’d get gentle and fluffy.

Paige Bennett

Making scrambled eggs in a cocktail shaker, or wide-mouth water bottle, as an alternative of whisking is sensible to me. It’s normal to combine egg whites in a shaker for the froth to high cocktails — this was comparable, however I used to be leaving the yolks in.

Raw egg spilled on black counter

The eggs exploded and spilled after I opened the cocktail shaker.

Paige Bennett

I merely shook a few eggs in a steel cocktail shaker. However after I eliminated the lid, the strain led the eggs to blow up a bit, so it was messy.

Chunky-looking bright-yellow eggs on white plate with wooden board

Although this was a messy course of, the eggs tasted good.

Paige Bennett

After I cooked them, the eggs got here collectively in massive, folding ribbons and the ultimate texture was barely rubbery however moist. The eggs have been nice, however I believe the feel and style weren’t definitely worth the mess.

The super-whisk technique took just a little extra effort and time, however the eggs have been decadent

Raw eggs in a metal bowl being whisked

I always whisked the eggs for about quarter-hour.

Paige Bennett

I am not one to eat moist eggs, so I wasn’t positive that I might like this “spoonable” scramble.

Nevertheless, this technique was straightforward sufficient since all I needed to do was whisk eggs, butter, cream, salt, and pepper in a saucepan over low warmth. After I say whisk, I imply actually it — I blended them practically nonstop for quarter-hour with the intention to obtain the tiniest curds.

Scrambled eggs in metal pot with small curds in it

This recipe made very moist eggs.

Paige Bennett

I knew I might have hassle stomaching these very moist eggs, so I poured them over a sturdy piece of bread. I ate one spoonful of the eggs alone, and I discovered that they had a velvety texture and wealthy taste because of the butter and cream.

Scrambled eggs on toast with a rosemary sprig on top on blue plate

I ate the eggs on a bit of toast.

Paige Bennett

I do not count on to make these usually, however for moist eggs, they did prove superb.

Total, I picked up a number of new favourite methods to make scrambled eggs

The writer smiles and holds a plate of scrambled eggs toward camera

The eggs I made with a splash of plain water have been tremendous straightforward to prepare dinner.

Paige Bennett

I might most likely use about half of those strategies once more, however my absolute favorites have been the boiled-water and the slow-cooker ones. I will be utilizing the boiling-water technique as new my go-to and the slow-cooker possibility for making brunch for mates or preparing breakfast sandwiches or burritos for the freezer.

I did not thoughts the super-whisk technique, and I can see myself making an attempt that one once more. The plain-water technique was additionally extremely straightforward and is good for instances I’m out of milk and need to make fluffy scrambled eggs.

However after a number of makes an attempt with cooking eggs low and sluggish, I will not be making an attempt that once more. The microwave and oven choices additionally did not work out for me, and the shaker technique made an excessive amount of of a large number.

Total, I am glad to have discovered at the least a handful of straightforward, go-to strategies for scrambled eggs that work for any event.

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