Southwest Chopped Chicken Salad includes black beans, corn and avocado.

Now’s the proper time to supercharge your salads and keep away from the additional energy that may sneak into an in any other case wholesome meal.

Some dressings and toppings can add an excessive amount of saturated fats, sodium and energy, lowering the well being advantages of your salads. However you have choices. Listed below are some energy meals that create a satisfying salad with the crunch and taste you’ll love.

Greens: The darker the higher. Spinach, mesclun, romaine, spring combine and kale are all nice choices. That’s to not say that iceberg has nothing to supply. It simply doesn’t comprise as a lot iron, potassium and nutritional vitamins as its darker counterparts. However earlier than you kick it to the curb, attempt mixing it with darker lettuces to provide them some crunch.

Extra:Crisp tofu bites, low-fat ranch dip make a guilt-free snack

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