All of us love utilizing our blenders to whip up icy smoothies – however what about sizzling meals? Many recipes name for mixing sizzling liquids, comparable to these for creamy soups. However do you know that including sizzling liquid to a blender can create a harmful explosion? As defined by Kitchen Parade, this builds up strain contained in the blender jar that may be sufficient to blow off the lid and create a large number throughout your kitchen — and dangers burning whoever’s doing the mixing.

So how do you safely mix your sizzling soups to perfection? Kitchen Parade suggests letting no matter you are mixing quiet down a bit first. However should you’re loading straight into the blender, fill the container not more than midway, and work in batches to mix, which is able to tremendously scale back the chance of explosion. Place the lid firmly on the blender jar and drape a towel over it, holding the towel down as you run the blender on the bottom setting and progressively enhance — recommendation we shared in our recipe for cream of asparagus soup. In the event you do really feel any strain constructing below the blender lid, Kitchen Parade suggests gently “burping” the lid by cracking it a bit and letting out any gathered steam. And should you’ve acquired an immersion blender, all the higher: Cuisine At Home notes that is the most secure methodology for mixing sizzling soups — plus you will not have an additional soiled dish to clean.

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