• Cream cheese may be frozen indefinitely, however use it inside two months for finest culinary outcomes.
  • Defrosted cream cheese could also be crumbly, however stirring vigorously ought to restore its clean texture.
  • Thaw frozen cream cheese in a single day within the fridge and use it inside seven days.
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You is likely to be shocked to study that you could safely freeze cream cheese. Actually, it’s going to final virtually indefinitely from a meals security perspective.

It is best to make use of it inside two months, nonetheless, with the intention to protect the standard of the ingredient. Resulting from its molecular construction and moisture content material, cream cheese loses stability within the defrosting course of, leading to a considerably crumbly texture.

Stirring or whipping your thawed cream cheese may help restore its unique texture, however it nonetheless is likely to be finest to cook dinner with it fairly than unfold it instantly onto your morning bagel.

Thawed cream cheese can efficiently be utilized in appetizer dips, in baked desserts and casseroles, and in gradual cooker and Instant Pot recipes (assume delectably creamy macaroni and cheese).

How lengthy does frozen cream cheese final?

“Solidly frozen cream cheese will stay protected indefinitely, however attempt to use the frozen cream cheese inside two months, for very best quality,” Backyard-Robinson advises.

Cream cheese develops a gritty texture when frozen, and the longer you retain it frozen, the extra pronounced that grittiness turns into. It’s nonetheless completely fit for human consumption, so it is best to make use of these blocks for cooking, the place the feel will not be as noticeable.

How you can thaw frozen cream cheese

“As with different frozen meals, thaw within the fridge in a single day for security and use inside about 7 days,” says Backyard-Robinson. “You a lot discover some texture adjustments, corresponding to crumbliness or separation after freezing. You should use the cream cheese in baking, or you could possibly stir it properly or whip it to assist restore the feel.”

In case you’re utilizing reduced-fat or yogurt-based cream cheese, you would possibly see some further separation or lack of high quality when defrosted, says Robinson.

Insider’s takeaway

Cream cheese may be frozen efficiently, and utilized in a lot of recipes, together with dips, baked items and desserts, soups, and casseroles. For finest outcomes, use frozen cream cheese inside two months. To revive texture after defrosting, stir cream cheese properly or whip it. Make sure to observe advisable freezing and defrosting procedures with the intention to preserve meals security and high quality.

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