The ketogenic food regimen is a excessive fats, low carb food regimen with quite a lot of advantages, together with weight reduction, decreased meals cravings, elevated psychological readability, and secure power ranges.


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The aim of the keto food regimen is to shift your metabolism right into a state of ketosis: as a substitute of burning carbohydrates for gas, you turn to fats as your foremost power supply.

Once you’re in ketosis, your physique modifications in quite a lot of methods. As you transition into keto, you burn by means of saved carbs in your liver and muscle tissue. Carbs take a number of water to retailer, which is why many individuals lose a number of kilos of water weight throughout their first week on keto.

However as you lose that water, you additionally lose electrolytes—minerals that preserve you hydrated and regulate your physique’s muscle operate, nerve operate, pH stage, and extra[*].

As well as, you launch much less insulin a low-carb food regimen, inflicting your kidneys to excrete electrolytes at the next charge[*].

For those who don’t improve your electrolyte consumption on keto, chances are you’ll run into signs of keto flu, together with mind fog, muscle cramps, dehydration, and fatigue.

Listed below are the advantages of accelerating your electrolyte ranges on keto, in addition to possibility for a sugar-free electrolyte complement.

Advantages of Electrolytes

Your physique wants 4 main electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

For those who expertise unwanted effects on keto, there’s likelihood that you’ve got an electrolyte imbalance. Replenishing your electrolytes will enhance your efficiency in a number of methods.

1. Higher Mind Operate

Electrolytes play an important position in hydration. You wish to have sufficient electrolytes in your system to take care of fluid stability—the best stage of minerals within the water that surrounds and fills your cells.

Dehydration causes your mind to shrink quickly and interferes together with your cognitive operate[*]. For those who’re a keto dieter, you keep much less water (and fewer electrolytes) than you’d in any other case.

Conserving your electrolyte ranges excessive will filter mind fog so that you keep mentally sharp all through the day.

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2. Elevated Bodily Efficiency

Electrolytes are additionally a basic a part of muscle operate.

Magnesium and calcium inform your muscle tissues when to contract and when to chill out[*]. But when your electrolyte stability is off, you’re liable to muscle cramps and weaker muscle contractions[*], which can have an effect on your efficiency within the gymnasium.

A 2019 examine discovered that consuming electrolyte-enhanced water improved hydration and muscle torque in dehydrated athletes[*].


Be part of 90k+ people who find themselves shedding weight with Keto Kickstart, our doctor-developed program designed to present you actual weight reduction outcomes.

3. Deeper Sleep

Magnesium is a vital electrolyte for sleep. Analysis exhibits that taking a magnesium complement earlier than mattress improves general sleep high quality and onset latency (how lengthy it takes you to go to sleep) and reduces early morning awakening[*]. Magnesium additionally reduces cortisol, which relieves stress and improves sleep[*][*].

4. No Keto Flu

Once you first transition into ketosis, chances are you’ll expertise the keto flu. Signs of the keto flu embrace complications, daytime fatigue, bother sleeping, and muscle cramping.

The keto flu occurs as a result of your physique is switching its main power supply from carbs to fats. Throughout that transition, you burn by means of your glycogen shops (saved carbohydrates in your muscle tissues and liver), in addition to the water and electrolytes that had been used to retailer that glycogen.

Because of this, you find yourself dehydrated and low in power—however a keto-friendly electrolyte drink can preserve your electrolytes balanced, stopping most or all the signs of keto flu.

5. Cardiovascular Operate

Taking electrolytes may enable you keep a powerful cardiovascular system.

A latest nationwide examine discovered that 97% of People are poor in potassium[*]. Even if you happen to eat a number of leafy greens and different potassium-rich meals, it’s very tough to get the potassium your physique wants (for reference, you would want to eat 5-6 entire avocados a day to get your really helpful day by day worth of potassium).

That may be an issue relating to long-term cardiovascular well being. Potassium and sodium work intently collectively to control your blood strain and coronary heart operate.

In truth, taking a potassium complement lowers blood strain greater than decreasing your sodium consumption[*][*].

Low potassium can be a typical reason behind coronary heart palpitations. Taking a potassium chloride complement can enhance long-term coronary heart well being by regulating coronary heart contractions[*].

The Finest Keto Electrolyte Complement

Electrolyte supplementation will be difficult on keto.

Many electrolyte dietary supplements comprise added sugar that may spike your blood sugar and insulin ranges and knock you out of ketosis. Even sugar-free choices usually have synthetic sweeteners, colours, flavorings, and different elements chances are you’ll wish to keep away from.

Perfect Keto Daily Electrolytes comprise extremely absorbable types of magnesium, sodium, chloride, and potassium, in addition to vitamin D for an additional well being increase.

Our electrolytes are available in 4 scrumptious flavors: pink lemonade, black cherry, lemon lime, and watermelon. They’re sweetened with stevia and are in powder type for simple transport; simply add a scoopful to water and blend.

Conserving your electrolyte ranges excessive and balanced will enable you get probably the most out of your physique and mind, particularly if you happen to’re dwelling a keto life-style. It’s value your time to strive an electrolyte supplement and see the way it makes you’re feeling.


Be part of 90k+ people who find themselves shedding weight with Keto Kickstart, our doctor-developed program designed to present you actual weight reduction outcomes.

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